Pigs in Minecraft: Locations, how to breed, uses and more!

Pigs in Minecraft are commonly found mobs that are a very good food source and transport for the players. Here are all the features about them!

Pigs in Minecraft
Pigs in Minecraft: All you need to know!

Pigs are one of the most useful mobs in terms of both a food source and transportation. In this article we take a look at Pigs in Minecraft and all the features of this mob.

Minecraft’s overworld consists of various mobs that the players can either be friends with or defeat. These friendly or passive mobs offers the player with various food items or items that may be used to make different items. Players require food for sustenance and most animals drop meat on killing them.

Down below we take a look at all the features for Pigs in Minecraft.

Pigs in Minecraft

Pigs in Minecraft
Pigs in Minecraft

Pigs in Minecraft are very commonly found and a passive mob found in all the grassy biomes in the game.

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Pigs are generally found in grassy biomes except snowy tundra and wooded badlands biomes. They can also be found in animal pens in villages and behind butcher’s houses in a village.

Baby pigs spawn rate is a low 5% compared to the adult pigs.

Food Source

Pigs in Minecraft
Pigs in Minecraft

Pigs provide the players with porkchop drops when killed. They drop 1-3 raw porkchops. If a pig is set on fire and then killed, then they drop cooked porkchops. Players can also cook the raw porkchops in Furnaces and Smokers.

They also drop 1-3 experience points on killed. However, killing a piglet will not provide any drops or experience.

Breeding and What do Pigs eat in Minecraft?

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Pigs eat mostly carrots, potatoes and beetroots. These crops can be found naturally generated in a Village farm or players need to plant them in their own farm with seeds.

Feeding two pigs these food items sends them into love mode and a baby piglet is spawned. This gives the players 1-7 EXP.

How to ride a Pig in Minecraft?

Pigs in Minecraft
How to ride Pigs in Minecraft

Players can ride a pig using a saddle in Minecraft and a Carrot on a Stick. Players can place a saddle on the pigs but players cannot control them like horses.

Pigs in Minecraft
Pigs in Minecraft

Players need to build a Carrot on a Stick and hold it in-front of them in the direction the players want to go. The pigs slowly accelerate and are moderately fast.

Fun Fact: When lightning strikes a pig, it transforms into a zombified piglin!

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