Pirelli Boss Admires Max Verstappen for his Impeccable Tire Management

Mario Isola admires and emphasizes about Max Verstappen's impeccable tire management ability

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Max Verstappen

It would be safe to say that Max Verstappen is the king of tire management. Knowing the importance of handling tires, that has probably what has led many drivers is their run for longevity. During the 2020 season itself, the dominating Mercedes team faced issues with tire management. The 70th Grand Prix at Silverstone saw Valtteri Bottas lose his podium finish due to not having properly managed his tires. 

On the other hand, during another race at the same track, Lewis Hamilton won on just three tires while being chased by Red Bull’s Verstappen. In a recent interview Pirelli Boss, Mario Isola admired the Red Bull Driver for his command is managing his tires ever so well. 

Pirelli Boss Mario Isola on Red Bull Driver Max Verstappen 

In an interview with RacingNews365, Pirelli boss Mario Isola said, “We are talking about the 20 best drivers in the world. It is clear that they have great skills. 

“Every driver has his own driving style. A driver can make the difference if he knows exactly how far he can push the tyre, Max is a great driver in that respect. And Lewis for sure, but Charles is also very good at tyre management.” 

He added, “I was impressed by Max in Brazil a few years ago. His performance on a wet track was great. The conditions were the same for everyone but he drove unbelievably well.” 

Having said that, Verstappen would be driving alongside new teammate Sergio Perez in the upcoming 2021 season. Will the new Red Bull pairing be able to push Mercedes and their drivers to maximum limit to have any chance of challenging the title? We will have to wait and see as the season commences from March 28 in Bahrain. 

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