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Players are forced to choose between US Open and French Open: Jamie Murray

Britain’s doubles specialist, Jamie Murray

Seven-time doubles Grand Slam winner, Brit tennis player Jamie Murray has spoken about the 14-day quarantine rule which is a “stumbling block” for players who are looking to play at the US Open and tournaments in Europe straight after.

With the Citi Open in Washington canceled last week, the US Open has now been put into question, especially with the recent surge of coronavirus cases in the city and county as a whole.

Jamie Murray on US Open vs French Open conundrum

Players are forced to choose between US Open and French Open: Jamie Murray 2

Recently, Jamie Murray spoke with Sky News where he said talked about the present situation.

“I don’t think the situation is particularly great. Don’t think the Washington decision affects the US Open in any way really because it’s a different set-up. I know the US Open is desperate to go ahead and they’re trying to find the best solution for that to happen.” Murray said.

Murray is currently playing in the Battle of the Brits Team Tennis event at the Lawn Tennis Association’s National Tennis Centre in Roehampton.

He discussed the major problem involving the players who will be returning to Europe, hoping to play in Madrid and Rome before the start of the French Open on September 27.

“I’m kind of like everybody else and observing from afar and waiting to find out what the end result will be. If it goes ahead what’s that going to look like in terms of the event set-up itself but also there’s the quarantine issues as well when coming back into the EU (European Union) afterwards,” said Murray.

“If that’s enforced for everyone then that’s a 14-day quarantine so you obviously can’t play in the tournaments after. That’s probably the biggest stumbling block because if that happens then you’re asking the players to choose between going to the States – to play a Masters Series and Grand Slam – or staying in Europe and playing two Masters Series and a Grand Slam.” Murray further added.

Not jumping on a plane anytime soon: Judy Murray

Judy Murray, mother of Jamie and Andy, agreed and said she would not be looking forward to board a plane “anytime soon”.

“It’s a tough choice to be made. There’s restrictions on travel, there’s quarantine issues, and every country has it’s own rules and regulations. The US Open are trying so hard to cover all the bases and make everything as safe and doable as they can because they definitely need the event to go ahead.” Judy said.

“The USTA (United States Tennis Association) relies on the profits made by the US Open for all the activities that it does throughout the rest of the year so it would be a massive blow for it to be canceled.” she further added.

Asked whether she would be happy for Andy and Jamie to travel to New York, Judy said,

“I think they would make their own decisions but I’m not looking forward to jumping on a plane anytime soon.”

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