Players might end up catching it, and got to live with coronavirus: Gambhir


On Sunday, Former India batsman Gautam Gambhir said that players will have to “live with” fear of coronavirus for the foreseeable future. The outbreak of the pandemic put a full stop on the cricketing calendar this year around the world. A number of international series have been postponed due to the nation wide lockdown.

“I don’t think a lot of rules and regulations will be changed, you can probably have an alternative for the usage of saliva — apart from that I don’t think so many changes will happen,” Gambhir said.

“Players and everyone else need to live with this virus; probably they have to get used to it that there is a virus and that it will be around. Players might end up catching it, and you got to live with it”, he added in a statement.

There is no need to do changes the every rule but players should take care while shinning the ball. Cricket is that game in which social Distancing may be easier compared to other sports.

Gambhir told that Social Distancing and rules may not be easier to maintain for any sports but it can still manage to do it with cricket. But, how it will be possible in football, wrestling, hockey and other sports. So he thought players just have to live with coronavirus. How soon the players accept it would be better for them.


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