Pogba Reveals He Was Arsenal Fan While Growing Up


Manchester United Midfielder, Paul Pogba on Wednesday revealed that he was an Arsenal fan while growing up. The French international idolized Thierry Henry and wanted to follow his Country’s footsteps.

“I will be honest. So, at the start, I was an Arsenal fan – obviously because of all the French players, you know. Me and my brother were but my other brother was a Manchester United fan,” Pogba told United’s official podcast.

“I couldn’t say anything so I used to love Henry and, because of him, I was an Arsenal fan. Then I changed and went on to choose with my other brother. No Arsenal, I went with the other one, the United fan!” he added.

“I had Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, [Zinedine] Zidane, Thierry Henry, Djibril Cisse, Kaka,” Pogba further said.

Pogba came through the ranks as a youth at Old Trafford, While Sir Ferguson was in charge, but he left Juventus in the summer by only making a few appearances for the first team in 2011/12.
Later, in 2016 he joined Manchester United from Juventus when Jose Mourinho was the manager as he saw it as an opportunity to start.

Henry, who had left for Barcelona by the time Pogba arrived in England, was not merely the iconic Frenchman or all-time great, who looked up to an energetic midfielder.


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