Pokemon Unite Greedent: Abilities, Evolutions and more!

The Pokemon Unite Greedent is a new Defender type of Pokemon which specialises in restoring HP and tanking damage!

Pokemon Unite Greedent
Pokemon Unite Greedent

Pokemon Unite is the latest MOBA where the players can take their favourite Pokémon to the battlegrounds. They regularly release new Pokémon and here is the called one called Pokemon Unite Greedent.

Pokémon are the main playable characters in this game and are used to defeat the opponents by scoring goals and taking them down. The Pokémon need to be obtained from the in-game store for Gold coins and the Greedent has recently made its way into the game. Its costs 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems, which is a pay to get currency. The abilities and evolution of this new Pokemon are discussed in further detail down below.

Pokemon Unite Greedent

Pokemon Unite Greedent
Pokemon Unite Greedent

Pokemon Unite Greedent is a Melee Defender Pokemon who specialises in healing and taking lots of damage during teamfights. It also some great and reliable Crowd Control abilities that help disrupt and stop the enemy team.

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Evolution Stages

Pokemon Unite Greedent
Greedent Evolution

Greedent begins the game at Level 1 as Skwovet and will eventually evolve into Greedent at Level 5.


Pokemon Unite Greedent
Pokemon Unite Greedent

Every third Basic Attack is empowered and drops a berry from the tail.

Passive: When this Pokemon eats a Berry it recovers HP and puts another Berry in its tail. When hit, the Pokemon Unite Greedent will drop Berries from its tail.

Level 1-3

Players can choose between two moves:

  • Tackle: The user dashes and deals damage to opponent Pokemon and reduces their movement speed. If used when Covet is active, it will deal AOE damage and consume berries stashed in its tail. This will reduce the cooldown.
  • Defense Curl: The user gets a Shield for a short time and will drop a Berry.
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Level 5

Players can choose between anyone of the them:

Stuff Cheeks: Will drop many berries and gain movement speed towards them. Eating a berry will recover HP and any HP extra will be converted to a Shield.

Covet: Dashes and throws the enemy. While dashing it drops berries and gains movements speed. This speed stacks the more berries the user eats and Tackle, Belch and Bullet Seed can be used while running. It will reset cooldown of Tackle and Belch.

Level 7

Players can choose between any one of the them:

Bullet Seed: The user will spit Berry seeds in a direction dealing damage to enemies and slowing movement. This deals more damage if the user has more stored berries.

Belch: Deals AOE damage which slows movement speed. The berries in the tail will be consumed and cooldown restored.

Level 9

Pokemon Unite Greedent
Unite Move

Unite Move: Berry Belly Flop – The user eats a berry, recovers HP and jumps to the selected area dealing damage and throwing enemies. After this, the user can store an unlimited amount of berries in the tail and resets the cooldown of all moves.

Item sets

Pokemon Unite Greedent
Items for Greedent

Since the Greedent is a Defender Pokemon, players like to take defensive and health items on it. Some common items to take on them are:

  • Focus Band
  • Assault Vest
  • Rocky Helmet
  • Score Shield
  • Leftovers
  • Aeos Cookies

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