Pokemon Unite Greninja: Abilities, builds and items!

The Pokemon Unite Greninja is a great attacker and we discuss all its abilities, items, movesets and more!

Pokemon Unite Greninja
Pokemon Unite Greninja

Pokemon Unite is a great MOBA with new and fresh take on scoring goals to win the game. Here is the Pokemon Unite Greninja, a playable character that is a great attacker Pokemon with a set of deadly moves.

The Greninja Pokemon is a Attacker role Pokemon which specialises in dealing damage to the enemy with huge burst and consistency. Greninja specially is a great attacker which can also act as a assassin. It has great mobility and deception using its abilities but also deals massive damage.

Here is all about the Pokemon Unite Greninja.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Pokemon Unite Greninja
Pokemon Unite Greninja

This is a Attacker type and has abilities that deal damage in short burst with smaller cooldowns. In the current meta he is a great a character to play due to his great mobility and deception skills.

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The Pokemon is available to be obtained from the in-game store for 10000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Moreover, Greninja has two skins that the players can buy:

  • Fashionale Style: Gereninja ( 350 Aeos Gems)
  • Hero Style: Greninja ( 1050 Aeos Gems)


Pokemon Unite Greninja
Greninja Evolution

Greninja has three Evolution Stages that it has to go through to Evolve fully.

  • Level 1: Froakie
  • Level 5: Frogadier
  • Level 7: Greninja


Pokemon Unite Greninja
Pokemon Unite Greninja: Stats
  • Offense: 4/5
  • Endurance: 2/5
  • Mobility: 3/5
  • Scoring: 3/5
  • Support: 0.5/5


YouTube: shurkou

Greninja has a wide array of attacks that deal great damage and help the Pokemon escape unscathed.

Basic Attack: Has two basic attacks ranged and melee. Ranged attacks will reduce cooldown of abilities. At melee range it deals more damage and more based on the remaining HP of the opponent.

Passive: When the Pokemon reaches half HP it has increased Attack and Move speed.

Level 1-3: At these two levels players can select any of the one: Bubble or Substitute. Bubble is a damaging ability which deals damage in a straight line. Substitute is a deception ability that creates a clone and makes the player invisible.

Level 5: At Level 5, players can choose between Double Team or Smokescreen. Double Team makes the player dash and crates two additional clones of itself. These mimic the attacks and abilities of the original body. Smokescreen creates hiding zone which makes the player invisible and increases movement speed.

Level 7: At Level 7, players can chose between, Water Shuriken and Surf. Water Shuriken throws projectiles in a direction and decreases movement speed of opponents. Surf lets the player dash and deal damage to an opponent and restore the HP of the user. It is reset if the opponent is killed.

Pokemon Unite Greninja
Unite Move

Level 9: At Level 9, players can get their Unite Move called Waterburst Shuriken. It throws a giant water shuriken towards an area dealing damage and decreasing movement speed in a area. Then it explodes, dealing damage and throwing them in direction. Also gives the player a dash at the end.

Items to use

Pokemon Unite Greninja
Items to use

Items are a very important part of the game as it increases the stats of the Pokemon drastically. Some of the great items to use on Greninja are:

  • Buddy Barrier: When using Unite Move the user and lowest HP Pokémon around gets a Shield.
  • Focus Band: When dropping to low HP, the Pokémon restores 8% of HP for 3 seconds.
  • Muscle Band: When Basic Attacking, damage is increased by 3% of the opposing Pokémon’s missing HP.

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