Pokemon Unite Leftovers: Item Overview!

The Pokemon Unite Leftovers is a great item for all in terms of survivability and staying alive by weaving in and out of battle!

Pokemon Unite Leftovers
Pokemon Unite Leftovers

Pokemon Unite is constantly introducing new items and Pokemons to keep the game going and fresh. Here is all about the Pokemon Unite Leftovers item that can be quite well fitting for tanky characters.

Items are one of the most important and useful things in the game. The players can take a combination of 3 items into battle before entering. These items are each unique and have a special effect on them that will give the Pokemons additional stats and effects such as shields and heals.

Here is all about the Pokemon Unite Leftovers item.

Pokemon Unite Leftovers

Pokemon Unite Leftovers
Pokemon Unite Leftovers

Items in Pokemon Unite help the Pokemons to unlock some additional stats and defenses as well. The Leftover item is a defense item that is great on Tanks and champions with healing and moderate HP pool.

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Leftovers can be equipped on any of the Pokemons and gives a healing effect when the Pokemon is not in combat. This will let them heal up and then re-enter the battle when healed enough.

How to obtain Leftovers?

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The Items can all be purchased in the Store for 1000 Aeos Coins or 625 Aeos Tickets. Therefore, players need not spend real money in order to get them. After buying them, players can upgrade then using Item Enchancers.

It can be upgraded to Level 30 to unlock its maximum potential.

Effects and Stats

Pokemon Unite Leftovers
Pokemon Unite Leftovers

This item is ideal for any pokemon which may weave in and out of battle and also a good health pool, allowing them to restore more HP. Pokemon Unite Leftovers provide the following effects:

  • This item lets the Pokemon recover 2% of its max HP each second, when not in combat.
  • HP +240
  • HP Recovery +9

It will make the Pokemon tanky and harder to deal damage to in teamfights. Moreover it has upgrade tiers and they are:

  • Level 1: HP restore 1% per second
  • Level 10: HP restore 1.5% per second
  • Level 20: HP restore 2% per second

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