Pokemon Unite Pikachu: Character guide for players!

Pokemon Unite Pikachu is a great Pokemon to play in the game and is also a easy champ to learn as a beginners!

Pokemon Unite Pikachu
Pokemon Unite Pikachu

Pokemon Unite is the latest MOBA to arrive on the mobiles after having released on Nintendo Switch. Here we discuss the Pokemon Unite Pikachu Pokemon and all its abilities and item builds.

Pokemons are the characters that the players can play on the battlegrounds of Unite. These are varied and players can play a variety of Pokemons to various effects. The Attackers are the consistent damage dealers in the game which can output a ton of damage over time with low cooldowns.

Here is a small guide for Pokemon Unite Pikachu Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Pikachu: Guide

Pokemon Unite Pikachu
Pikachu and the Player

Pikachu is a easy to play, beginner attacker Pokemon that the players can start off with. He is also ranged and does Sp.Attack damage with its abilities.

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Pikachu is a great character to play while starting out or learning the game. He provides a great amount of damage from a distance where players can be relatively safe.

Unlike other Pokemons, Pikachu does not have any evolution forms and stays as the base form throughout all the levels.


Pokemon Unite Pikachu
Pokemon Unite Pikachu

Pikachu has a high potential for dealing damage but is equally fragile to oncoming damage.

  • Offense: 4.5 stars
  • Endurance: 1.5 stars
  • Mobility: 2.5 stars
  • Scoring: 2 stars
  • Support: 1.5 stars


Pokemon Unite Pikachu
Pokemon Unite Pikachu Abilities

Basic Attack: Every 3rd basic attack from Pikachu will deal increased damage and paralyse enemies for a short while.

Passive: When Pikachu receives damage, enemies around it will get paralyzed for a short while.

Thunder Shock: This ability releases electricity and deals damage to enemies and paralyzes them.

At Level 5 players can enhance Thunder Shock and choose one of the two abilities:

Electro Ball: This is a sure hit ability that will throw a orb and deal damage to a enemy and it deals more damage the lower the HP is.

Thunder: This is an area of effect ability that throws down thunder on a selected area.

Electroweb: This will throw a electric net at the enemy and traps them for a short while.

At Level 6 players can enhance Electroweb and choose one of the two abilities:

Volt Tackle: Pikachu will charge at the enemy and stun them and deal damage.

Thunderbolt: The Pokemon will attack with a strong electricity which will damage and stun enemies in a area around it.

Unite Move: Thunderstorm

Pikachu will leap into the air and strike lightning bolts over a very wide area dealing huge amounts of damage.

Item Builds for Pokemon Unite Pikachu

YouTube: shurkou

Pikachu deals great damage and thus is greatly enhanced with items that enhance Sp.Attack stats.

The following items might be great for Pikachu:

  • Wise Glasses: Increases Sp.Attack.
  • Choice Specs: Increase damage of moves by a flat amount. Scales with Sp.Attack.
  • Energy Amplifier: After using the Unite Move, the Pokemon deals more damage for a short while.

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