Pokimane hot tub stream: Asks Disguised Toast to sit on her lap

Various streamers and Offline TV members have been invited to hot-tub stream on the occasion of Pokimanes' birthday. Disguised Toast is one among all invited to the stream. Pokimane asks Disguise Toast to sit on her lap in the Pokimane hot-tub stream.

pokimane hot-tub stream

Pokimane asks Disguised Toast to sit on her lap during Pokimane hot tub stream on Twitch. Imane Anys aka Pokimane organized a hot-tub stream on the occasion of her birthday which featured other offline TV members on May 14th 2021.

Previously on Twitter, Pokimane proclaimed that she enticed offline TV members to conduct one such show on her birthday. Since March 2021, Twitch has seen a huge improvement in the number of hot-tub streamers that involve in the platform. Despite the fact that many audiences really aren’t pleased nature of this trend is common knowledge.

pokimane hot-tub stream
Disguised toast sitting on Pokimane lap during her 1st hot-tub stream on twitch

Unlike many of the hot-tub streamers where the streamer is dressed meagerly, Pokimane and her friends had all been fully clothed. nevertheless, the streamer did ask Jeremy Wang better known by the alias Disguised Toast to sit on her lap during Pokimane hot tub stream, which evidently became the top highlight in the stream.

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Pokimane hot tub stream on Twitch – Disguised Toast was asked to sit on her lap

In the video above, Disguised Toast sat next to his friends’ group. This included the likes of Michael Reeves, William “Scarra” Jimmy Li, and Yvonne “Yvonnie” Ng.

Unexpectedly Pokimane turned to him and told he looked a little cold.

“You are so cold. Come here Toast, you can sit on my lap if you like. Isn’t that warmer? There there! I am sorry I am feeling your b***s. I don’t mean to.”

Disguised Toast had his face stuck with a somewhat embarrassing smile. He made a comment that it appeared to be his birthday rather than Pokimanes’. Toast also did comment on his “nipples,” and the host that she had only touched him “over the shirt.”

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Disguised Toast had arrived by dressing up with a plastic suit which has “6-pack abs” stamped on it for the hot tub stream. He tweeted about his shirt before heading to Pokimane hot tub stream.

In the hot tub stream, Pokimane and other girls had come by wearing t-shirts with bikini images printed front and back, as seen in the clip above.

Despite some critics reviewed bad about the hot-tub stream, the hot-tub stream had been appreciated by most of the fans/views, who believed it was funny.

The birthday of Pokimane and the cake were other standouts of the broadcast. Furthermore, the streamers did write names upon one another, while Pokimane contributed with his “temporary tattoo” to Disguised Toast.

In total, around 100,000 concomitant viewing audience at a moment, a significant number were reported for the hot tub stream.

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