Pornographic images pop-up during online training session leaves badminton coaches red-faced


On Thursday, an online training session held by Sports Authority of India and Badminton Association of India took place, at the time of the session, the coaches found themselves in an unwanted situation after pornographic pictures suddenly started popping up on the screen in front nearly 700 of them across the country.

The online training session was led by India badminton coach Pullela Gopichand and foreign coaches Agus Dwi Santoso and Namrih Suroto. After seeing the images everyone was left red faced.

The online programme has been scheduled to be held 5 days a week for three weeks and the entire course has been divided into 39 topics, giving an enriching opportunity for coaches at various levels.

Gopichand logged out and other coaches too as soon as the picture started to appear on the screen.

“Santoso, the new Indonesian coach, was the resource person when pictures started appearing on the screen. There was a momentary gap and then the images resurfaced. This happened a number of times,” a participant told.

Another coach told that there were a number of women participants in the session as well.

“When you are conducting a programme on such a large scale you should take precautions. There were several women coaches, parents and some children in the programme, though it is meant only for coaches,” he added.

Some coaches also considered that the instructions from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) should have been followed and the videoconferencing app Zoom should not have been used in the online training sessions.

“The Sports Authority of India, in association with national sporting federations, is hosting online knowledge development workshop for coaches in 16 disciplines. So far all sessions have functioned smoothly, with 500-700 coaches from across the country participating in the workshops per session,” SAI, Bengaluru’s statement read.

“In one such online workshop which was being held for badminton coaches on Thursday afternoon, there was a sudden technical malfunction leading to some unwanted material popping up on the screen, The session was being conducted by a senior coach of the Badminton Association of India, who also had the online technical control of the session,” it added.

“SAI’s IT department is investigating the issue in detail. However it is clear that the Zoom session was not hacked,” the statement further said.

SAI said in a statement on Thursday that the Zoom app was not hacked, and it was just a technical glitch. However, It was utterly embarrassing for all coaches, players and there family.


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