Portland Trail Blazers survive New Orleans Pelicans as Damian Lillard joins rare scoring record

Dame time and incredible record at smoothie king center

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard and Portland Trail Blazers now share a very common ideology of making clutch victories. He has been the most clutch player in the NBA since 2015. Even above LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Damian Lillard has always made his game winners and made them often. Ensuring another clutch performance today, the Portland Trail Blazers closed out New Orleans Pelicans 126-124. Once again Damian Lillard and his playmaking skill did not disappoint.

As the game tipped off, the Pelicans were in a mood to swing the game to them. Zion Williamson scored 36-points. Lonzo Ball also had a huge night with 21 points. But their scores did not suffice. Damian Lillard had 43 points against his name by the end of the regulation. Not only scoring but had by16 assists to his name. To add to the numbers, he had a block as well. The game was so hyped up in the last quarter. As Dame buzzed to the bucket scoring and one against Lonzo Ball sealed the deal. His numbers just do not stop increasing.

Dame time for the Pelicans

The Pelicans could not cope with Trail blazers and the last play did excite every fan. With such mammoth performance, Dame became the 5th player in the NBA to reach 43 points and have 16 assists to his name. He equals this record with legendary Isiah Thomas, James Harden, Oscar Robertson and young Trae Young. After a rocky start the Portland Trail Blazers are really making opponents pay. Considering their victory over giants like Philadelphia 76ers and Dallas Mavericks has moved them to 4th in the Western Conference.

Dame’s double-double performance was very special. He has declared that it the Dame time this season. And it is early. The only issue with Blazers right now is their defence. They were unable to contain Zion Williamson. Even the three-point rack of defenders were blown off with a good swing of the ball. Yet Damian and co. are capable enough to finish at to 3 this season.

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