Postponement of games doesn’t affect him: Saurabh Chaudhary’s Coach


Pistol coach, Amit Sheoran has said in a statement that his student, Saurabh Chaudhary will be well-placed both mentally and skill-wise whenever the Olympics are held.

The Coach says that It doesn’t matter to him if the next Summer Games are held tomorrow, after a year or even after 10 years. Sheoran told, “He is not at all affected by postponement of the Olympics. He says whether it’s held now or next year or even after 10 years, it’s beyond anyone’s control and his job is to only prepare to the best of his ability so that he is in with a chance.”

Sheoran is working with Chaudhary for several years now and he knows very well that being only 17, the 10m air pistol shooter is more at ease than his equally-talented compatriots. The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has affected all the sporting events, including the prestigious Tokyo Olympics which has been rescheduled to next year, but if the situation gets out of control then there would be chances for the games to be called off.

Sheoran has a shooting academy in Binauli, Uttar Pradesh. Sheoran says that, Chaudhary focus on his training and he train himself thrice in a day by staying at home in Kalina, Meerut. Sheoran said about Chaudhary’s training that, “He continues with his extensive training regime — three hours in morning, two hours in evening and two hours at night. He simply has no time for anything else.

He also said about what Chaudhary feels about the postponement of Tokyo Olympics, “Of course, looking at what is happening around the world, like everyone else, he also feels sad, but given that he is a shy and private person, he is also liking the peace that accompanies the lockdown.”


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