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“Pretty much Bully Ball”: Kawhi Leonard reveals frustration after controversial foul

Kawhi expresses frustration over ref call; calls it bully ball

Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard

The Los Angeles Clippers have lately found some momentum. But they have been constantly inconsistent. After a tough fight against the Brooklyn Nets, Clippers fell apart with a last minute referee call. As called ‘Kawhi Leonard’s controversial offensive foul’ the whole team were in shock with the decision. A tough chance over James Harden did not yield result and forced free throws for the Brooklyn Nets on contrary. Kawhi voiced in the post-game interview about the bully game.

The Nets got it all together in the 3rd quarter. They took the largest lead in the game of 15 points. Once again Kyrie and Harden were unstoppable. But Clippers did not rest. They came over the deficit in the 4th quarter. Paul George dished some great passes to Zubac under the ring. Patrick Beverly and Lou Williams constantly pressured Kyrie who handled the ball. After fighting tooth and nail, the Clippers were able to bring the score to being basket away. But a controversial foul slipped the game completely towards Nets’ fortune. As Kawhi dove past Harden, he took severe contact before scoring. However, referees had a different opinion. They called it an offensive foul against Kawhi. The whole roster was startled to this call. Clipper’s team condemned the call that took their possible win away.

Kawhi Leonard comes out vocal against the call

Clippers and Nets finished with a score of 112-108. The call however overturned the game completely to Nets favour. After the call, harden was given free throws and he made both the shots. During the post-game interview, Kawhi revolted to the call. He said, “My take from it is if we’re going to pretty much play bully ball at the end of the game, you know, let both sides play it. But they didn’t call it, so good defense. I felt that I got grabbed early, but like I said, no call, so great defense.”

A foul completely changed the outcome of the game. But this wasn’t the sole reason for Clipper’s collapse. They had 17 turnovers in the game. Nets scored 27 points out of these turnovers. LA Clippers are battling for the top spot in WC. These are miserable mistakes that the team is occupied with. Despite Kawhi and PG putting up 63 points together, they could not keep off their mistakes. How small it be, mistakes can ruin their intent rationally. Clippers need to gear up for a lot of matches ahead avoiding any flaws to the game.

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