PUBG: Beware of Fake Battlegrounds Mobile India APK files(V1.0), Don’t click on them

Several fraudulent sites offering Battlegrounds Mobile India APK file even before its launch after receiving so many pre-registrations. They are completely not safe and not original, it is better to stay away from such links or sites.

battlegrounds mobile india apk

Multiple Website producing fake Battlegrounds Mobile India APK files on the internet. It is seen that many cheaters are taking advantage of players’ desperate wait for their much loved game.

The launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is not yet revealed by the developers which is one the hot topics in the Indian Gaming community who are so desperately waiting for the game’s comeback & launch in the country. The pre-registrations of the Battlegrounds Mobile India (previously called PUBG mobile India) had a kick start earlier this month i.e., 18 th May and the players were pre-registered for thier favourite game.

A fun trailer regarding the launch of pre-registrations for the Battlegrounds Mobile India game had been released by the officials on the same day on their official YouTube channel. The trailer was launched starring the most famous Indian PUBG personalities – Jonathan, Dynamo, Kronten alongside Indian superstar Arshad Warsi.

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Fake Battlegrounds Mobile India APK files are out on the Internet

battlegrounds mobile india apk
Fake battlegrounds mobile india’s APK (PUBG) floating over the internet

The internet have seen multiple fake Battlegrounds Mobile India APK files on the even before the pre-registrations have begun. After the pre-registrations rolled out, the number of fake PUBG mobile India APK files has been increased and players are being bluffed by online scammers.

However, the developer Krafton says that the launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is not yet finalized. Hence, the website which offer the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK are completely fraudulent and it is safe to not to access their sites to download any file which is not authenticate, official or legal. Moreover the files won’t work as they claim.

We suggest you to not to fall for such fake traps or files that they offer which are however original or related. It is better not to click on such links and download any files on such fraudulent sites. Downloading or accessing any files on such websites may inject virus to your device which leads to harm. Moreover, they are not safe and may cause potential threats to your personal information by stealing them.

The sites also have so many ads. Therefore, we suggest you not to search any links for the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK or PUBG mobile India APK as the game hasn’t been released yet.

Even before the game’s release in the country, the political ministers in the country urges higher officials to ban the game addressing the privacy and security issues due to which PUBG Mobile was banned in the country back in September 2020 amid India-China Rivals.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Date

Battlegrounds mobile India ban
Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Launch date is not yet finalised

The developer Krafton answers a question on the support page of Official game’s website regarding the Battlegrounds Mobile India’s launch date. The answer states:

"We are still in the process of finalizing the launch date; we will keep our fans informed on further developments. New updates will be released on our official website and social networks, so please stay tuned for further news!"

Players are suggested to follow the game’s official Social media handles to stay updated and get to know the launch date when they announce it. Here are the links for their social media handles:

  • Website: Click here
  • Facebook: Click here
  • Instagram: Click here
  • YouTube channel: Click here
  • Discord server: Click here

However, there are multiple launch theories floating on the internet of this most awaited games’ release. Most of them Suggest that the game would release on June 10 which is just a speculation as there is no official confirmation on it.

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