PUBG Mobile Anti-cheat System bans 835, 945 cheaters this week

PUBG Mobile officials release a weekly ban report which contains the number of accounts banned and their respective rank tiers. This week, more than 850K cheaters got banned by the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system. Read this post to find out more.

pubg mobile anti-cheat status
PUBG MOBILE Anti-cheat report (May 21- May 27)

PUBG Mobile Anti-cheat System has banned more than 850 thousand users due to using hacks and cheats in the game in this week. The officials have revealed the Anti-cheat report on their social media handles.

Undoubtedly, PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous battle royale genres and it has set prominent standards in the eSports scene in various countries where eSports isn’t considered seriously. The game has gone trending ever since its release in the year 2017. The game has millions of active users under its name.

As many players and the number of users increasing in the game, the players and hackers are facing troubles in the game in the form of cheaters and hackers. Moreover, it is humanly impossible to keep track of all players in the game. That is why the officials have an anti-cheat system to detect and ban cheaters & Hackers. However, many cheaters showing up with undetectable hacks and some get caught eventually. The officials also update the anti-cheat system periodically in order to tackle all hacks created by cheaters.

The anti-cheat system tracks all the cheaters and restricts them from the game permanently. Furthermore, the PUBG Mobile game features an in-game report option by using which normal players could report any suspicious activity or hackers if they face any.

The game makers publish weekly reports of banned accounts by the anti-cheat system including the hacks or cheats used along with their ranked tiers.

According to the latest week ban report(i.e., May 21 to May 27), the PUBG Mobile Anti-cheat system has banned a total of 853,945 of the global version. This latest week report has seen a significant decrease in banned numbers which is by 25.78% decrement when compared to the previous report. The decrease in the number says that cheaters could not get their hands on this popular battle royale game with their active cheats or hacks.

Complete details of accounts banned by PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system this week:

pubg mobile anti-cheat system
PUBGM banned accounts and their rank tiers

Following is the ban percentage imposed on cheaters and their tiers that they belong to when they got banned:

  • Conqueror:>> 1%
  • Ace:>> 10%
  • Crown:>> 15%
  • Diamond:>> 14%
  • Platinum:>> 10%
  • Gold:>> 8%
  • Silver:>> 10%
  • Bronze:>> 32%

As you can see, most of the PUBG Mobile accounts banned are banned in the initial ranks which completely reflects the functioning of the anti-cheat system. However, these figures might have contained players banned due to reporting by other players. The players get a ban pan ID avatar when the cheater gets banned because of their report which is a symbol of reward from PUBG Mobile.

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Types of cheats or hacks used – PUBG Mobile banned accounts

pubg mobile anti cheat system
Cheaters that were banned due to the above cheats used in PUBG Mobile
  • Speed hacks:>>18%
  • Modification of character model:>> 14%
  • X-Ray vision:>> 27%
  • Modification of Area Damage:>> 6%
  • Auto-Aim:>> 19%
  • Others:>> 16%

The majority of cheaters using X-Ray Vision, Auto-Aim Hacks and Speed Hacks were banned from the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system this week. The good thing is that cheaters with unknown hacks are decreased by 60% when compared to the previous week report. That is a significant decrease and the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat functionality has improved to a great extent.

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