PUBG Mobile India has been given green signal by the Government, Here is all you need to know about

PUBG Mobile gets a green signal for the release of the game in India. The Government of India to lift the ban on the game soon. Here is all you need to know about.

PUBG Mobile India
PUBG Mobile India
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PUBG Mobile is one of the most favorite Battle Royale games in India. PUBG Mobile India has been given green signal for the return. Sources say that the Government of India has revoked the ban on PUBG Mobile and soon players can gear up their fingers to play.

The game was banned by the government of India in early September 2020. Later the servers were shut down on 31st October 2020. The ban disheartened many Indian pro players and content creators. Many esports organizations left the Indian esports scene after the ban of PUBG Mobile.

But later in December 2020, a short teaser was released by Krafton casting Jonnahathan, Gathak, and Dynamo Gaming waiting for the game “Missing Chicken Dinner.”

To bring back the game to India PUBG Mobile developers Krafton created a separate Indian version of the game with Microsoft Azure Servers. They planned to publish independently as Krafton Inc without Tencent. But the Government of India did not agree to the release of the game.

Many players were hyped for the release of the game and waited eagerly for the release daily being active on Social Media and the Internet. But it was in vain and players lost their patience.

But not to worry the good news is here to all the PUBG Mobile fans in India, GodNixon aka Luv Sharma, a popular content creator on YouTube on PUBG Mobile. He says that the PUBG Mobile ban has been removed by the Government of India.

Here is what GodNixon says, PUBG Mobile has received the green signal from the Government

PUBG Mobile India - FirstSportz
GodNixon Speaks about the release of PUBG Mobile

GodNixon in his recent video titled “PUBG Mobile India IN Update! Government Approved,” says:

“According to sources, the government has given the green signal for the comeback of PUBG Mobile. However, the exact release date nor the month haven’t been finalized, but the game will indeed be returning. Some of the popular content creators, including Ghatak, had posted stories, dropping hints regarding the return.”

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TSM Gathak, PUBG Mobile pro have tweeted the following a day before Nixon’s video came on YouTube.

“I wasn’t going to reveal this, but the audience’s support couldn’t stop me from making revelations. The following two months will be very good for PUBG lovers, and numerous exciting updates are coming soon for TSM lovers. Please don’t ask for a date.”

Sean Hyunil Shon, Head of Corporate Development at Krafton, told Akshat Rathee (MD and Co-Founder, Nodwin Gaming) at the 2021 Gaming conference that PUBG Mobile will be back in India this year.

The date and time has not been revealed also we have to wait for the official announcement by Krafton.

PUBG Mobile India has been given green signal
PUBG Mobile Relaunch in India

“I cannot tell the timing or anything because we don’t know yet. But what I can tell you is, we care about the Indian market greatly, and also, that’s how I get to know you and get to know friends in the Indian gaming industry now. So definitely, we will work hard to make it happen”, said Sean Hyunil Sohn.

He also added that releasing PUBG Mobile in India is their top priority for Krafton. They are taking every effort for the re-release of the game.

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