PUBG Mobile India Posts 4 New Videos Teasing New Release And Removes Them Shortly

Since the release of a trailer in november featuring Mortal the buzz is there about the comeback of PUBG Mobile India. This got a new hype when PUBG Mobile India uploaded 4 new videos teasing the comeback of the game and removed them in a few minutes.

PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India recently uploaded four trailers to their YouTube channel, teasing the game’s return to Indian region, only to remove them soon.

Battle Royale games have gained major popularity over the last few years. PUBG Mobile has been among the most beloved title in the BR genre. The renowned BR title has found a special place in the Indian community and has a massive fan base. The game was banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology leaving many players stunned in the process.

Four Trailers Released By PUBG Mobile India Deleted Shortly

Accidentally Uploaded videos

The new videos were uploaded to the official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India and were removed within a few minutes. Some users were able to get a glimpse of them.

They were the same trailers featuring Dynamo, Jonathan, and Kroten that were earlier uploaded in November. It said that the game was coming soon. But the uploaded videos were soon removed in a few minutes by them.

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Since the incident, there are again talks about PUBG Mobile’s return to India. Earlier Dynamo, also teased the return in a mysterious message, stated that the trailer would be released on a double-digit date and the title would be released on a single-digit date.

Many PUBG Mobile Indian creators were happy and claimed that the title is coming soon and everybody should be prepared for this. Many creators such as, Dynamo, Ocean Sharma, Kroten Gaming and many others reacted to this. This could also be mistake or a stunt to create the hype again for the game. For more updates you can follow the official youtube channel of PUBG Mobile India here.

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