PUBG Mobile PEI teams format and Schedule, all you need to know

Check out the teams invited for PEL 2021, and the format along with with schedule.

PUBG mobile pei teams

PUBG Mobile PEI teams: PUBG Mobile Esports Scene 2021 has been conducting multiple regional tournaments this month. Regional competitions around the world ended with the first half of the season is almost over. Now it is heading over to the international tournaments. And we can say that the first entry to this is the Peacekeeper Elite Asia Invitational (PEI). It is an Invitational tournament of the Asian region. Where certified and invited Asian circuit teams will compete for a massive CNY 3,000,000 prize pool (USD 456,795).

Game for Peace, the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, is a prestigious tournament played in PPP mode. PEI will take place online from 27 to 29 April 2021, featuring 15 teams and 15 matches. The event will take place online.

Teams invited for the Peacekeeper Elite Asia Invitational (PEI) 2021 – PUBG Mobile PEI teams

PUBG mobile pei teams

From Peacekeeper Elite League 2021: Season 1 (PEL S1)

  • Team Weibo from China – Winners
  • Never Give Up from china – (Runner-Ups)

Following an unapplauded show during the PEL 2021 first season, Nova Esports and 4 am did not, unfortunately, qualify for the event.

From PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia: Season 3 Finals (PMPL SA S3):

  • DRS Gaming from Nepal(Winners)
  • Zeus Esports from Mongolia (Runner-Ups) 

From PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand: Season 3 League (PMPL TH S3 League):

  • Value the Murder from Thailand (League Winners) 
  • Power888KPS from Thailand (League Runner-Ups)

From PUBG Mobile Pro League Indonesia: Season 3 Finals (PMPL ID S3):

  • Geek Fam ID from Indonesia (Winners)
  • Bigetron RA from Indonesia (Runner-Ups)

From PUBG Mobile Pro League Malaysia-Singapore: Season 3 League (PMPL MYSG S3 League):

  • Dingos MPX from Malaysia (League Winners) 
  • Team Secret from Malaysia (League Runner-up) 

From PUBG Mobile Pro League Vietnam: Season 3 Finals (PMPL Vietnam S3 League):

  • HVNB from Vietnam (League Winners) 
  • Eagle Export from Vietnam (League Runner-up) 

From PUBG Mobile Japan League:

  • Team REJECT from Japan

From PUBG Mobile Street Challenge 2020 Second Half (PMSC 2020 2nd Half):

  • Warriors Esports of South Korea (Winners) 

The topper of the Peace Elite New Divison League (PEN 2nd Divison) of China, will be certified as the 15th team for the tournament.

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Tournament Format

As per resources and GameCube, this is the format of the Tournament.

The tournaments will take place in Miramar, Sanhok and Erangel for 3 days with a maximum of 5 matches every day.

During the tournament, the following are the points given:

  1. 1st Place -12 points
  2. 2nd Place -10 points
  3. 3rd Place – 8 points
  4. 4th Place – 7 points
  5. 5th Place – 6 points
  6. 6th Place – 4 points
  7. 7th and 8th Place – 2 points
  8. 9th and 11th Place – 1 point
  9. 12th to 15th Place – 0 points

Each shot won in the first and second circles is worth two points for killing point, while the kills won in the rest of the circles are worth one point.

All the teams make their way to the top of the table to grab the opportunity and the big prize pool. China is the strongest region in PUBG Mobile Esports.

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