PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 rolls out with Livik Map


Latest Update 0.19.0 for PUBG Mobile includes a Nordic-style map called Livik. This measures 2km x 2km, which supports up to 52 players for 15-minute match times, thus giving a more fleeting experience compared to Erangel or Miramar. Take on board that Livik is still in the BETA stage, and so continuous improvements and adjustments will be done for the optimum gaming experience. 

More so, this update brings a map-exclusive firearms Marksman rifle called MK12 and the P90 SMG. Monster Truck will join in also as a map-exclusive vehicle. Livik Super Firearm Training mode will be available soon and will include Experimental Trial Weapon Crates containing special weapons wherein you can view your firing and hit stats.

This new update brings to life an all-new Royale Pass 14 known as Spark the Flame. It will be available in Classic Mode for the Erangel and Miramar maps; players have an opportunity to choose this mode after selecting these maps. Another feature coming soon is The Ancient Secret which you can activate only if you have selected the aforementioned maps. 

If you update the game between July 7 and July 13, you will receive a 2,888 BP, AG ×100, and a three-day Nightmare Helmet reward. PUBG Mobile is available for free on Apple Apps Store and Android Play Store.


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