PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile (COD): All you need to know about Gameplay Graphics and Engine

PUBG and COD are two very popular games, they have their own versions on Mobile too. In this article we will compare PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile.


It is no secret that battle royale games are extremely popular right now. The game mode has graced the mobile platform as well, with various games rising in the charts. Two big names in mobile gaming right now are PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. Both games are similar in nature, but there are a few differences between the two. In this article we will be comparing PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile to see which is better.

PUBG Mobile: Gameplay Graphics and Engine

PUBG Mobile probably the most popular mobile battle royale game. The game exclusively has battle royale mode as it’s main attraction, with a few other modes loosely based off the main mode. There is also a deathmatch mode. PUBG Mobile can be played in both first and third person modes and is pretty fun. The graphics of PUBG are pretty realistic and good looking, outdoor environments look decent in the game, PUBG uses Unreal Engine.

Players drop into a selection of 5 maps and find weapons, attachments and armour to survive the longest. Players can use various vehicles to traverse the environment, such as cars and buggies. The weapons in PUBG behave realistically and have different recoil and effective ranges. Players must pick up armour and helmets in order to be able to withstand damage. Attachments also improve weapons significantly, affecting recoil and magazine capacity. Weapons can be picked up off the ground and from airdrops.

COD Mobile: Gameplay Graphics and Engine

Call Of Duty Mobile is the franchise’s first massively multiplayer game on mobile. The game runs on the Unity engine and has some pretty colourful and detailed graphics. Weapons in COD Mobile are plentiful and they have lots of good skins as well. The game has a lot of different classic Call of Duty game modes like search and destroy, domination, team deathmatch and hardpoint in addition to having a battle royale mode. Players are treated to lots of classic call of duty maps as well, such as crash, raid and nuketown.

Battle Royale mode however has only one map and is formatted in a way similar to PUBG Mobile. Though it can be played in both FPS and Third person view, FPS is far better in this game. In battle royale mode, players are given various abilities to use which are linked to a character type. For example, “Ninja” lets players use a grappling hook to quickly move across places on the map. Players can usually find weapons and armour pretty easily in this mode. There are also lots of vehicles in the game, you can even fly a helicopter in COD Mobile. You can pick up modules that increase the effectiveness of the special ability of the selected character.

PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile

Both PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile are popular games and have their respective eSports scenes, though PUBG mobile might be slightly more popular in Asia. Both game have pretty graphics, but COD Mobile’s are more saturated and look more colourful. When it comes to battle royale, PUBG offers 5 different maps whereas COD only lets you play one. However, Call of Duty’s other game modes and respective maps are very entertaining to play and pretty detailed to look at. Both games have good gunplay as well. PUBG requires a more slow and tactical approach, COD Mobile on the other hand shines when it comes to action packed fights, it is fast paced and full of fighting. Both games have similar system requirements and occupy roughly the same space, though PUBGs lightweight installation option makes PUBG much smaller.

Considering all these factors, it really comes down to personal preference. If your priority is Battle Royale, you will probably have a better time with PUBG Mobile. Otherwise, COD Mobile’s other game modes are very fun to play, plus you get to enjoy a lot of old school maps. Both games are really good in their own ways and are definitely worth trying out.

That was our comparison of PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile.

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