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PUBG Mobile x Adidas: PUBG Mobile KR to collaborate with sportswear brand Adidas

PUBG Mobile KR has collaborated with popular sportswear brand Adidas. Various collab outfits and accessories have been launched in the game.


PUBG Mobile x Adidas: The Korean version of PUBG Mobile is gearing up for its collaboration with one of the largest sportswear brand Adidas. The collaboration  was announced today by the officials and apparently, It is going to be the biggest collaboration of PUBG Mobile KR so far.

Tencent’s PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle-royale game. Moreover, several regions have their own version of PUBG Mobile such as Vietnam, Korea, China and India. PUBG KR is the Korean version of PUBG Mobile which releases its own set of events with different missions. It also collaborated with famous personalities such as BLACKPINK and popular games such as KartRider Rush+ and is now gearing up for its biggest collaboration with Adidas.

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Adidas outfits

The collaboration was announced today by the officials and as a part of the collaboration, several in game items such as exclusive outfits and other skins are available in the game. The developers released a video announcing the collaboration, a similar video was also released in the official channel of Adidas. At the video, PUBG characters were seen donning Adidas outfits, therefore, fans can expect some cool in game merchandise.

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The video garnered massive views within a short period of time as players are excited to be a part of this exciting collaboration. Apart from the special Adidas skins, PUBG Mobile x Adidas will bring some special events for the players. If players login to the game during the collaboration period, they can win some ADIDAS themed rewards. The special skins will be available in the game from 8th November, 2021 to 30th November. We recommend the players to collect the rewards before the collaboration ends.

PUBG in game shop

Adidas is a popular sportswear brand which manufacturers premium sports shoes, merchandise and other sports related stuff. Considering the massive fan following of both PUBG Mobile and Adidas, PUBG Mobile x Adidas is going to receive immense popularity and fans might expect some more big collaborations in the near future.

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