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PUBG New State 0.9.24 update (February Update): New ‘Arena’ map, weapons and more announced

The patch notes of PUBG New State 0.9.24 update is finally here. Check out what Krafton has prepared for everyone!

PUBG New State 0.9.24 update

Krafton has released the patch notes for PUBG New State 0.9.24 update which will be rolled out shortly. The game which is now known as New State Mobile is all set to get its February update which promises a lot of new additions and improvements.

The developers are compensating the players by releasing new updates every month after the game faced several technical glitches on the day of its arrival. The previous update had added two new vehicles to the battlegrounds and also brought a new collaboration with car manufacturing company Rimera and players are now looking forward to the PUBG New State 0.9.24 update. This article has listed all the features of the PUBG New State 0.9.24 update.

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PUBG New State 0.9.24 update patch notes

PUBG New State 0.9.24 update is going to be released on 10th February,2022. Players wont be able to acess the game once the maintenance schedule commences from 1 AM UTC. The new update can be downloaded from the respective stores of Android and iOS devices. Here are the new features of the update.

Round Deathmatch Mode

Quite similar to the BR: Extreme Mode, a new mode named Round Deathmatch will be making its way into the modern battlegrounds. Round Deathmatch mode will be played in a map named ‘Arena’. It will feature 4vs4 gameplay mechanics, however, unlike TDM matches, players need to play in a restricted zone which will shrink with time forcing players towards the care package.

New mode

There will be a total of 7 rounds in this match in which players have to win 4 rounds. Instead of respawning when reaching 0 health, players will be knocked in the Round Deathmatch mode.

Team Deathmatch Improvements

Station map which features the Team Deathmatch mode has been made wider so that players can better opportunities to stay in cover as well as take on their enemies. Another exciting feature of added is that the player who dies 4 times consecutively without scoring any finish will automatically spawn with a Level 3 helmet and vest in the next round.

TDM improvements

In addition to that, new messages will appear on the top of the screen once players are able to score consecutive finishes. Improvements have also been made to the User Interface.

New weapons

MP5K is an SMG that will be added in PUBG New State 0.9.24 update which will use the 9mm ammunition. This weapon will spawn in Troi, Erangel and Training Ground. Crossbow, a melee weapon will also be added in the game. Customizations to this weapon will be made in future updates. Some improvements have been made to the DSR A1 weapon.

Gun customization

Gun customizations

In the new gun customization, the M249 will now spawn with a ballistic shield on the left and right side of the handguard. This shield will benefit as the enemy fire could be blocked. The new weapon, MP5K will feature a laser sight that will help the players to point out the enemies easily.

Co-op Revive/ Recruit

Unlike the previous Revive/ Recruit System where one player was able to recruit the enemy or revive another teammate, this new feature will enable three teammates to revive their fallen teammate or recruit an enemy. This will significantly decrease the time taken by the players to revive/ recruit someone.

Survivor Pass Vol.4

Survivor Pass Vol.4

Survivor Pass Vol. 4 will feature Mayhem’s Doug Bikerway. Players need to complete the story missions in order to get the character skins for free. PUBG New State 0.9.24 update will also enable players to display their Survivor Pass badges alongside their nickname.

The February update of New State Mobile has also made certain improvements to the graphics of the game and fixed the previous bugs and issues. For viewing the full patch notes, players can click here. Download PUBG New State and enjoy the new update!

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