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PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile global version: Top 5 notable differences that everyone should know

PUBG New State has been released globally today for both Android and iOS users. Read the article to know the top 5 differences between PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile.

PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile: Top 5 differences!

PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile global version: Krafton has officially released the modern version of Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds globally for Android and iOS users. The game has arrived to give a tough competition to the global version of PUBG Mobile by Tencent. Many players believed PUBG New State to be a renovated version of PUBG Mobile, however, there are many notable differences.

Players can now download and play the much awaited battle-royale title by Krafton. They need to create a new account in the game as their PUBG Mobile account cannot be migrated to New State. PUBG New State is set in the backdrop of a future warfare which means players can use modern equipments to fight with their enemies unlike PUBG Mobile where no such modern equipments are visible. Let us now look at the noteworthy differences between PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile global version.

PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile global version: Top 5 differences

Game Size

Game Size

The first point of comparison between PUBG New State and PUBG Mobile global version is the difference of their size. The global version of PUBG Mobile will need around a space of 1 GB (resource excluded) in Android devices and a space of 1.6 GB for iOS devices. Talking about New State, the game needs around 1.4 GB and 1.5 GB space in Android and iOS devices respectively. As PUBG New State has enhanced graphics, players might require more space to download the resources.

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System Requirements

Both PUBG Mobile and PUBG New State are hardcore battle-royale games that take up a lot of storage due to their extensive resource package, different maps etc. As a result, some devices might not be compatible with the games. Here is a comparison of system requirements in PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile global version:

PUBG New State

  • CPU: 64-bit (ABI arm64 or higher)
  • RAM: 2 GB or higher
  • OS: Android 6.0 or higher
  • Open GL 3.1 or higher/ Vulkan 1.1 or higher

PUBG Mobile

OS: Android version 5.1.1 or higher

RAM: 2 GB or higher

Processor: Snapdragon 435 or Media-Tech P20


New maps

Players highly anticipated for the developers to release new maps at modernised version of PUBG as players started getting wearied playing on the same maps such as Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi and more. In New State, players will be able to play in a completely new 8×8 km map, Troi. The map contains some new locations such as Laboratory, Exhibition Hall and more. A new map for Team Deathmatch, Station will also be a part of New State.

Weapon Customization

Weapon customization

Another point of comparison in PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile is the option of weapon customization provided in the former game. PUBG Mobile has a plethora of weapons ranging from ARs, Snipers, SMGs and more. PUBG New State contains more or less the same weapons, however, players with the help of customization kit will be able to enhance the power of their weapons and add several changes ultimately favouring the players.

Futuristic backdrop and other features

Modern gadgets

PUBG New State presents the world of future i.e. in the year 2051. Players can use modern equipments at New State such as Riot Shields, Drones and have access to Drone Store. Moreover, players can ride on the electric vehicles at New State but PUBG Mobile does not provide any such option. Unique features such as Green Flare and Recruit enemy option also sets apart PUBG New State from other games.

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