PUBG VS Call of Duty (COD): Which game has more Maps and Modes?

Let's find out if PUBG is better or COD when it comes to the variety of Maps and Modes.


PUBG and COD have been equally popular amongst players from all over the world. Both of the games have a similar concept but they are quite different from one another. If you were to choose from one of these games, it would be a difficult choice to make. Clearly, every gamer wants to play a game which will not get boring and monotonous. So, we answer a simple question, which game has more maps and modes in PUBG vs COD?


The most popular map in PUBG is Erangle. It is one of the largest maps in the game preferred by most players. The Erangle map includes small towns, military base, and a power plant for all players to explore and obtain the required loot.

The largest map in PUBG is Miramar based in a desert-like area. This map is preferred by the players who love sniping. There are buildings for obtaining loot and finding refuge but it becomes difficult as the safe zone closes in.

The sanhok map is the best for the people who like to camp and make their kills. It is filled with trees and grass making it difficult for players to spot one another. This map also has warehouses and buildings to find the required loot.

The vikendi map is known to be the smallest map in PUBG. This map is different than the other maps because it has different guns which are unavailable in the other maps. Also, it does not have grass and tress but snow instead.

The karakin map is the latest one added to PUBG. This map is smaller than vikendi making the game even more intense for the players. It is more difficult to find the weapons when looting. In short, you need to survive using anything you can find.


PUBG has a lot of modes such as Classic solo, Classic duo, Classic squad, training mode, custom rooms, Team Death Match, and Arcade. You can choose whether you want to play in TPP (Third person perspective) or FPP (First person perspective).


Call of Duty has various maps such as Crash, Cage, Crossfire, Firing Range, Gulag, Highrise, Hijacked, Killhouse, King, Meltdown, Nuketown, Pine, Raid, Rust, Saloon, Scrapyard, Shipment 1944, Standoff, Standoff Halloween, Summit, Takeoff, Terminal, Tunisia, Winter raid, Isolated and Alcatraz.


In Call of Duty, there are three main modes. In the multiplayer mode, there will be a team of 5 players. Battle Royale can have only a 4 player squad. The ranked matches are also multiplayer consisting of 5 players in each team. There is another mode where you can play 10v10. You can choose from a variety of modes such as team deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Search and Destroy, Free-for-all, etc. All the maps mentioned above are available for multiplayer and ranked matches except for Isolated and Alcatraz. The Battle Royale has only two maps.


So, if you were wondering which game has more maps and modes in PUBG vs COD, the right answer is Call of Duty. PUBG also has great maps and modes but the variety is comparatively less.

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