PUBG: Work From Home Attire | New Collection

Although there are more important pieces of stuff yet to be attained, attires are fun, and the more, the merrier!

PUBG: Work From Home Attire | New Collection

PUBG is a popular Battle Royale, with quite a lot of cosmetics, and now Work From Home Attire added to the list. PUBG has a variety of different cosmetics, but the unique ones that make players stand out are attires or outfits. Including attires, players can customize almost everything in the game.

Like Nintendo versions of WII, players are given the opportunity inPUBG to customize almost every element. Even within this more complicated system though, there are some really rare PUBG skins and cosmetics. These vary between single rarest PUBG outfits, and cosmetics that are part of an outfit. Attires are introduced in the game from from time to time and one such will be released recently.

We look at the Work From Home Attire in the following article.

PUBG: Work From Home Attire | New Collection
PUBG Attires

Latest Inclusion in PUBG: Work From Home Attire

From the time PUBG had added loot boxes, the popularity of attires had skyrocketed. There are also luck-based attempts at getting some attires that change certain looks in the game. The outfits that players get from loots are unique, and each new attire gives a different look to players.

PUBG official has made live the introduction of the newest attire called the Work From Home Attire, based on our current living situation. “You’ve worn them throughout the pandemic, now take your favorite work-from-home attire to the Battlegrounds with Survivor Pass: Pajama Party!”, the tweet reads, and hopefully the Pajama Party will be soon enough to arrive while we don’t hope the same in reality.

Surprisingly, most fans didn’t seem to be excited about the change, demanding some more important elements to be fixed. “Congratulations PUBG, you’ve made another change we didn’t ask for. Change the controls back when we’re going through loot, to use the D-pad takes a year and a half and makes looting a fucking pain. Also, the bridge… first thoughts are its c**p, but we’ll see how the bridge camp goes. The pressure of the bottleneck at the bridge made this game fun…”

That being said, although the more important stuffs are yet to be attained, attires are fun, and the more, the merrier!

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