Race Walking Session In SAAF-AFI Online Seminar Draws Massive Participation

PC – Getty Images

The Athletics Federation of India’s(AFI) online seminar for track and field sports technical officials witnessed massive participation from across South Asian an Althletics Federation (SAAF) member nations.

As many as 911 participants from the SAAF member joined the online seminar, where Ireland’s Pierce O’Callaghan discussed judging race walking and Spain’s Luis Saladie helped with drawing up timetables for competition.

Replying to a query on why there were more disqualifications in race walking than in other events at the world championships, O’Callaghan said there could be a number of reasons, including a walker trying too hard or being too nervous and making mistakes, as well as coming through to the biggest event after passing scrutiny by inexperienced or lenient judges.

“Obviously, they have been disqualified because they were found to be not complying with the rules,” O’Callaghan said in a statement.

It is a simple sport, race walking. Very basic human movement. Not everyone will jump a hurdle or throw a javelin, but everyone walks,” he added.

O’Callaghan said that South Asia, with its population, passion and enthusiasm is the sleeping giant of world athletics. He said the seminar, a brain child of AFI President Adille J Sumariwalla and AFI Planning Committee Chairman Lalit K Bhanot was step towards awakening the giant.

The seminar will be conducted on Wednesday, as it is designed to Update the knowledge of the technical officials in the region.


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