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‘Rafa helps by participating in various events’, Xisca on husband Rafael Nadal’s charitable work

Rafael Nadal has been doing charitable work since the early days of his professional career.

Rafael Nadal and wife Xisca

Rafael Nadal is one of the most charitable players of the modern era. The Spaniard has been involved in helping improve the lives of others since his early days in tennis. The Rafa Nadal Foundation houses kids and provides them with every possible resource to enhance their personal skills. Nadal’s wife Maria Francisca Perello as known as Xisca recently spoke about Rafa’s charitable work and how he tries to do charity through a different avenue.

In an interview with Ultima Hora, Xisca opened up about her Rafa’s charitable work. “Yes (Rafa continues to help other charities),” Xisca said. She then goes on to say how Rafa tries to make the most of every opportunity he gets to make someone else’s life better.

“In the end the Foundation is a part of Rafa. Requests of all kinds come to him, and whenever it is in his hands, he collaborates,” Xisca added.

“Rafa helps us in various ways, such as participating in various events,” Xisca continued. She also shed some light on how the Rafael Nadal Foundation works. “The foundation is private and we receive funds from collaborators, sponsoring companies, anonymous donors, charitable events, etc.,” Xisca said.

The priority is to continue developing the projects: Xisca


It is very well-documented that Nadal has been involved in charity since his early days in tennis. Xisca spoke about the same during the interview. “When Rafa began to stand out as a tennis player, they were making proposals to him to participate in charity events,” Xisca added. 

She then shared how there came a time when Nadal was given a proposal to start a foundation. “There came a time when it was proposed to create a foundation from which to manage our funds and improve society a little with our projects,” she acknowledged.

“The priority is to continue developing the projects and care. If everything improves, for next year, we will do events,” Xisca concluded.

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