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“Rafael Nadal and I have had our differences” Nick Kyrgios comments on his ongoing-feud with Rafa

Nick Kyrgios admits the champion that Rafael Nadal is and praises him inspite of what the duo have festered for each other over the years.

Nick Kyrgios, Rafael Nadal

World No.2 Rafael Nadal laid claim to his 20th Grand Slam title earlier this month. The Spaniard vanquished Novak Djokovic in straight-sets en route to banking this coveted achievement. Rafa’s Roland Garros win in 2020 enabled him to level up with Roger Federer and to become the men with the most Grand Slam titles. 

There remains no secret that Nick Kyrgios has openly expressed his dislike for Rafa over the course of his career. He once branded Nadal “salty” and called him a “bad loser.” The 25-year-old Aussie also mocked Rafa over the ‘extra-time’ he took before making his first serve. He uploaded a video on his social media account with the time-clock situated in a video of Rafa placing his first serve. To this, Nick said, “facts or nah,” seemingly thinking that he’d proven his point. 

Even though such is the case, Kyrgios didn’t deny Rafa the praises he deserves for achieving his unbeatable feat.

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“He’s an absolute champion!” Nick Kyrgios praises Rafael Nadal inspite of their history

Rafael Nadal, Nick Kyrgios

In a recent interview with Courtside Huddle, the World No.44 Kyrgios stated his opinions on Rafael Nadal’s history-making 13th French Open win. He said, “I wasn’t surprised when I saw Rafa Nadal pretty much easing his way through the draw at the French Open. That’s his backyard, he loves playing there. And he has only lost two matches in his entire career. Honestly, in my opinion I don’t think we are going to see anything like that ever again.”

Kyrgios even went as far as to call Rafa the most dominant player of this era and the GOAT, but not quite. In the same vein, he continued, “Somebody so dominant on a surface he’s right there with the greatest of all time. You can argue that he is the greatest.You look at Federer, he’s the most dominant player of all time, but in this era it’s actually Rafa.”

Additionally, Nick did bring their rocky past to light. He said, “We had our differences when we played each other. We’re fiery, we’re competitors and are going to go after each other.”

Moreover, the Aussie concluded on a positive note. He gave Rafa the compliments he rightly deserves for the numerous records that he’s created. He added, “But at the same time I am not going to take anything away from him. He’s an absolute champion and 20 Grand Slam is ridiculous. I don’t think we are ever going to see that again.”

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