Rafael Nadal congratulates his academy graduate and young prodigy for her incredible achievement

Rafael Nadal recently praised a young prodigy and his academy graduate for her incredible achievement.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal, 20 time Grandslam champion has been a source of inspiration for several young players around the world. The Rafa Nadal Academy has been a catalyst for a lot of budding tennis players. Nadal has recently shown his excitement for Alexandra Eala, a young prodigy from the Philippines who reached her first final in an ITF even in Spain.

“Vamos!!! congrats! very happy for you!,” Nadal commented on the Instagram post by Rafa Nadal Academy. Alexandra Eala is just 15 years old and is the reigning Junior Australian Open champion. Daniel Gomez, a coach at the Rafa Nadal Academy stated that Eala’s game was aggressive and at the same time she could come up with occasional drop shots.


Although her play was already very good at previous tournaments, in Japan she produced a more solid and aggressive game, demonstrating huge improvements on her serve, her backhand slice and her drop shots,” said Daniel Gomez.

Rafa Nadal Academy: A top-class training facility for several young athletes

A glimpse of the Rafa Nadal Academy

The Rafa Nadal Academy is a superb tennis training facility which is based in Mallorca. Toni Nadal, the Spaniard’s uncle and former coach heads the academy. Many players train at the academy as part of their pre-season or off-season training and as a result, kids gain a lot of exposure.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Nadal had practiced with several kids at his academy who got an opportunity to hit a few balls with one of the tennis greats. “For three months Rafael was practicing every day with the kids from the academy. It’s very good for the kids to have good players training here,” said Toni Nadal.

Rafael Nadal has big plans for his academy. He wants to expand it and make it a global affair. It is wonderful to see Nadal thinking about the young children and providing them with world-class facilities.

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