Rafael Nadal is hoping that there is a little chance tournament will start so soon


Rafael Nadal said that there is a little chance tournament will start so soon as all the sporting events have been cancelled for now. Novak Djokovic expects that the tennis can also be played behind the closed doors with the world number one expecting players to have to wait a “few months”.

Rafael Nadal has won French Open record 12 times but it has been postponed till September. Earlier, Wimbledon has been cancelled for the first time since the World War II due to coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday night, Nadal told to Spanish radio station that, “Tennis is a global sport and we go from country to country and a lot of people have to move around.”

“It seems difficult to me for any big tournament to be played in the short or medium term.”

To avoid losing considerable sums of money from broadcasting contracts, football’s major leagues are preparing to play behind closed doors for several weeks to complete their seasons

But if talk about tennis tournament, those are more reliant on fans for their income, making it more complicated to stage competitions in empty stadiums.

“It is not an easy decision,” Djokovic told the same programme. “I am ready but I think we have to wait a few months.”

“If you could play behind closed doors, I would be delighted but I think it’s very difficult,” added Nadal.


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