Rafael Nadal shows off his cooking skills to fans


All the sporting events have been cancelled around the world due to novel Corona virus outbreak and to keep themselves busy at home sports stars are taking their new hobbies into action. Like the tennis champ Rafael Nadal show his cooking skills in the recent video on Instagram.

In this video he is using hand blender to mix some ingredients and told fans about his cooking experience. Talking with fans he took a funny side and said he is very overwhelmed with the work at home but it would be easier if he was playing Monte Carlo tournament.

After seeing Nadal cooking his fans got excited some of them commented wonderful while some of them called him Chef Nadal. He also revealed that he was cooking for his wife.

All the tournaments got cancelled due to corona virus outbreak or got postponed. Wimbledon is cancelled and French Open have been postponed to September which is Nadal’s favorite tournament and won it 12 times.

Rafael Nadal is ranked no. 2 in men’s singles. He has won 19 grand slam singles title which is the second most for the male player in history. He also won the gold medal at Beijing Olympic in men’s singles category and in men’s doubles at Rio 2016.


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