Raistar vs Gyan Gaming Who Has Better Stats In Free Fire In June 2021?

Raistar and Gyan Gaming are the most prominent channels in Free Fire India youtube community. Here we will take a look at Raistar vs Gyan Gaming in Free Fire stats comarison in June 2021.

Raistar vs Gyan Gaming
Raistar vs Gyan Gaming

Raistar is probably one of the most popular Free Fire players. He is called as India’s Fastest player due to his insane movement speed and fire power. He runs a YouTube channel and boast over 3 million subscribers on the same. Here in this article we will take a look at the stats comparison of Raistar vs Gyan Gaming.

Gyan Gaming is a big YouTube channel in terms of subscribers count and engagement in the Indian Free Fire community. Gyan Gaming is owned by Sujan Mistry aka “Gyan Sujan” his Id name is also “_GyanSujan_”, he has over 9.11 million subscribers on the channel.

Gyan Gaming Id and Stats

Gyan Gaming Free Fire I’d is ‘70393167‘.

Lifetime Stats of Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming Lifetime Stats
Gyan Gaming Lifetime Stats
  • Gyan Sujan has played 18171 games and has triumphed in 6529 of them, maintaining a win rate of 36.12%. With 63644 kills to his name, he has a K/D ratio of 5.42 in this mode.
  • The YouTuber has 496 Booyahs in 2135 duo matches, translating to a win rate of 23.16%. He has 5817 kills in these matches, with a K/D ratio of 3.53.
  • Gyan Sujan has also played 1386 solo matches and has won on 159 occasions, making his win rate 11.58%. He eliminated 2331 opponents at a K/D ratio of 1.90 in this mode.

Ranked Stats Of Gyan Gaming

gyan gaming ranked stats
Gyan Gaming Ranked Stats
  • Gyan Sujan has played 232 squad games in the current ranked season and has emerged victorious in 84 of them, translating to a win rate of 32.44%. He has 1429 frags in these matches, with a K/D ratio of 7.46.
  • The content creator has won 1 of the 2 ranked duo games that he has played, making his win rate 50%. He has 12 kills at a K/D ratio of 12.00 in this mode.
  • Gyan Sujan has also played 1 ranked solo games and he is yet to secure a win or even a kill in this mode.

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Raistar Free Fire Id and Stats

Raistar Free Fire I’d is 12022250.

Lifetime Stats

Raistar lifetime stats
Raistar Lifetime Stats
  • Raistar’s lifetime stats are beyond words. He has been a part of 15859 squad games and clinched 2677 of them with eliminating 52344 kills. Apart from this, he also maintains a K/D rate of 4.00 in the mode as well.
  • When it comes to the duo mode, he has played 4478 games and won 705 of them, with 14355 kills converting to a win percentage of 15.72%.
  • Finally, in the solo mode, he has played 3526 games and has out-played 10744 of his foes. He has won 401 matches in solo format as well.

Ranked Stats of Raistar

raistar ranked stats
Raistar Ranked Stats
  • In this ranked season of Free Fire, Raistar has played 25 games in the squad format. He has secured 60 kills and 3 wins in squad mode.
  • He is yet to play any ranked game in the duo and solo mode.

Raistar vs Gyan Gaming: Free Fire Stats Comparison

Raistar vs Gyan Gaming

Both the YouTubers possess unique skills and has impressive in-game stats, making it difficult to find a clear winner in the Raistar vs Gyan Gaming Free Fire stats comparison. However, Gyan Sujan aka Gyan Gaming has a clear edge over Raistar in the squad mode. He has a better K/D rate and win percentage on comparing with that of Raistar.

Moreover, Raistar is dominant in the solo format and beats Gyan Sujan by a huge margin. Raistar has more wins and secured almost double the kills to that of Gyan Sujan. This was all about the comparison of Raistar vs Gyan Gaming in Free Fire.

It is not possible to compare the ranked stats of both youtubers as Raistar has not played as many games as Gyan Gaming in this ranked season.

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