“I wasn’t leaving that cage without a win and she stole that from me,” Randa Markos accuses Luana Pinheiro of faking the concussion

The UFC women's strawweight fighter Randa Markos accused Luana Pinheiro of faking the concussion after getting caught by an up kick from her.

Randa Markos and Luana Pinheiro
Randa Markos and Luana Pinheiro

UFC Vegas 25 is a night that is going to be remembered by the fans for a long period of time due to Jiri Prochazka’s lethal knockout to Dominick Reyes. But along with this the women’s strawweight fight in the prelims also sparked controversy.

Randa Markos was facing Luana Pinheiro in the last fight of the UFC Vegas 25’s prelims and this was a really important fight for Markos as she already lost her last four fights, so it was important for her to stay in UFC.

Markos came out aggressively since the start of the first round in the fight. At the start, she faces a cut across her eyelid due to an eye poke but referee Mark Smith continued the fight soon.

But after the fight continued, the Judo black belt Luana Pinheiro started tossing her around the ring again. This time while Pinheiro was trying to grab Markos she threw an up kick that landed on her head and she fell back on the floor.

Luana Pinheiro had a delayed reaction to the kick and she fell back on the floor after it. Pinheiro’s late reaction even called the attention of the commentary team and Paul Felder says, “Eh, I think we’re seeing a little bit of, what do you call it, acting,”

Although, the referee Mark Smith called this kick intentional and disqualified Randa Markos which left her upset and she ended up crying inside the Octagon.

Randa Markos released a statement after her loss

Luana Pinheiro
Luana Pinheiro

Luana Pinheiro was carried by her coach backstage after the result of the fight is announced but still, Randa Markos believes she was faking it for a win. Markos issued a statement with her Instagram post which says,

“I’ve been in the fight game for a while now. I’ve never intentionally thrown an illegal blow. It’s a fight, shit is bound to happen. I took three eye pokes (requiring stitches and loss of vision) and never thought for a second that I wasn’t going to continue.”

“I had such a good camp training with @travislutter, @cdpowertrain, and @adams.justin1 in Texas and was ready to showcase my skills for the greatest fight promotion in the world.”

Randa Markos Instagram Post
Randa Markos Instagram Post

“Yes, my foot grazed her but that my opponents’ Inability to continue seemed a bit oversold and suspect. I let her know after the eye poke that I wasn’t leaving that cage without a win and she stole that from me.”

“I’m excited about whatever is next. I have a tone of heart in me that needs to be let out. Thank you to everyone that helped me with this camp. I love you all and I’ll be back soon #ufc #quietstorm #mma #easywayout #littlebitch”

What are your views on this did that kick from Randa Markos hit her this hard or Pinheiro was faking it?

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