“You know what this dude got mad for? Guess what he got mad about,” Randy Brown revealed the reason for the beef with Alex Oliveira

Randy Brown explained the reason for being angry at Alex Oliveira at UFC 261.

Randy Brown and Alex Oliveira

Randy Brown and Alex Oliveira had the most intense moment inside the octagon at UFC 261, Randy added insult to injury after beating Oliveira, he showed two middle fingers and at that time he felt fully justified.


Brown has now explained the reason behind this beef on Twitch, he thinks the beef wasn’t even real, there was just some misunderstanding due to the language barrier that escalated into such a situation.

Randy Brown chokes out Alex Oliveira

Randy revealed the reason why their beef started, he said, “You know what this dude got mad for? Guess what he got mad about?… I guess it just got lost in translation, I posted a video of a dude dancing saying this is gonna be me when Cowboy starts coming out, when he starts dancing. Apparently, he thought that I was making fun of him saying this is how Cowboy looks when he fights or his whole thing when he walks out and how he fights.”


“So now we fighting, I’m not gonna touch gloves,” Brown said. “It’s personal now. So after we fight, it’s no ‘Ah, good sh*t, ah,’ keep that same energy, bro. F*ck outta here. Don’t make me to be the bad guy because y’all don’t know the story, now I’m the bad guy, I’m the assh*le trash with no class because I told him to f*ck off, right?

“In that moment, it’s f*ck him. In that moment, it’s f*ck you. I’m not f*cking with you. I didn’t respect what you did. It’s not, ‘We buried the hatchet, good fight.’ No, f*ck off, I don’t f*ck with you.”

“So, he apologized. He felt bad and he apologized,” Alex Oliveira apologized to Randy Brown

Randy Brown vs Alex Oliveira

Randy said he meet with his manager backstage who knew English and explained the whole motive behind the post to him, and after he explained that to Oliveira, he accepted his mistake and apologized.

He said, “So he apologized. He felt bad and he apologized and it was cool and then we took a picture and we posted that. It was cool, we buried the hatchet.”

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