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Rapper’s Wish Event In Free Fire Brings Big Bucks Rapper Bundle

Free Fire has started a new event Rapper's wish event in Free Fire brings Big Bucks rapper bundle. Here in this article we will take a look at how to obtain the Big Bucks Rapper Bundle in Free Fire.

Rapper's Wish Event In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is the most popular title in the mobile battle royale genre. The title has a huge bunch of cosmetics and costume bundles for players to choose from. Here in this article we will take a look at new Rapper’s wish event in Free Fire which brings the Big Bucks rapper bundle.

The new event features the exclusive M1887 shotgun skin ‘Rapper Underworld‘. The gun skin was earlier available in the “Roll the Dice” event during the 2020 Diwali celebrations. The event also feature two bundles from the August 2020 Incubator Big Bucks Rapper and Big Bucks Vibe bundle.

Rapper’s Wish Event In Free Fire

Rapper’s Wish Event In Free Fire

The new Rapper’s wish event started from today i.e., August 30th 2021 and will conclude on September 6th 2021. Player’s can obtain the rewards from the event till the last date of the event. The cost of a single wish is at 20 diamonds and if player’s choose to do 10 wishes at once it will cost them 200 diamonds and also give them an extra wish.

If the player own any of the prize from the unique prize pool the the same item will be removed from the prize pool. This improves the overall chances of players to get the grand prize of the M1887 gun skins and Big Bucks rapper bundle.

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Rapper’s Wish Event In Free Fire

The event has two prize pool one is the standard prize pool and other one is the unique prize pool containing all the great prize possessions including the grand prizes M1887 gun skin and both male and female bundles. The list of the unique prizes are given below:

Rapper’s Wish Event: Unique Prizes
  • M1887 – Rapper Underworld
  • The Big Bucks Rapper Bundle
  • The Big Bucks Vibe Bundle
  • Underworld Curl
  • VSS – Rapper Underworld
  • Monster Truck – Cyber Bounty
  • Motor Bike – Cyber Bounty Hunter
  • The Victor
  • SII!
  • Chrono’s Backpack
  • Time Bender
  • Cyber Bounty Backpack
  • Portal Reactor Loot Box
  • Underworld Boombox
  • Chrono’s Surfboard
  • Rapper Underworld Surfboard
  • Enter Chrono!
  • Rapper Underworld Parachute
  • Rapper Underworld
  • Gangster Tempo

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