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Olympic Silver Medallist Ravi Kumar Dahiya to Skip World Wrestling Championships 2021

Ravi Kumar Dahiya will miss out on the World Wrestling Championships 2021, after he did not get enough time to prepare due to attending various functions after winning a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Ravi Kumar Dahiya

Olympic silver medallist Ravi Kumar Dahiya will be skipping the World Wrestling Championships 2021, after he is not adequately prepared for the WFI (Wrestling Federation of India) selection trials to be held next week. The trials will be held next week for he tournaments that will be held in Oslo from 2nd to 10th October.

“I don’t want to be on the mat unprepared. What’s the point in competing without enough practice. So I have to miss the World Championship because I don’t want to go to the trials without enough practice,” Dahiya said according to SportsStar.

Dahiya will be the second grappler to miss out on the tournament after Barjang Punia pulled out last week due to a ligament tear injury in is knee. Dahiya said he will try to compete in a few tournaments before the end of the season. He will start his serious training from next month.

Ravi Kumar Dahiya Said he does not Mind that WFI did not Exempt Him from Trials

Ravi Kumar Dahiya

Ravi Kumar Dahiya said that he did not get time to prepare for the tournament or trial due to several functions that he has been attending since winning a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Dahiya said that he has been so swamped that he has not gotten to spend time with his family either.

Dahiya said that he did not mind that WFI did not exempt him from the selection trials. He said that the federation knows what they are doing and are doing the right thing by calling him for selection.

WFI Assistant Secretary Vinod Tomar said that there was nothing wrong in calling star wrestlers for selection trials. “We have to prepare the second line also. We have to give chance to everyone to stake their claim to be on the national team, so all have to come to trials,” Tomar said.

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