“Really annoying”: Genshin Impact leaker explains why The Chasm won’t be exciting in 2.6 update

Genshin Impact leaker has claimed that Chasm might not be much exciting. Here is what he has revealed.

Genshin Impact Chasm leaks

HoYoverse had revealed about the upcoming Chasm region in the special program of Genshin Impact 2.5 update. Ever since that, players have been highly looking forward to explore the new region, however, a prominent leaker has claimed that exploring the region might be quite annoying.

A lot of Genshin Impact leaks regarding the Chasm region were available to the players through the beta gameplay leaked by different data miners. Players will finally be able to unlock the region that is located near Liyue and has only been in references by some side characters until now.

"Really annoying": Genshin Impact leaker explains why The Chasm won't be exciting in 2.6 update
Chasm region near Liyue

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Genshin Impact leaker believes Chasm region to be annoying

Several screenshots and short gameplays have been leaked which give payers an insight to the Chasm region. This new area will be divided in two parts- Overworld and Underground. The underground are mainly consists of mines as Chasm was previously referred to as a mining region.

While most of the Genshin Impact fans have been waiting to explore this new region, a renowned leaker known as BLANK has revealed that he found the region really annoying. He revealed that Chasm consists of a location where if players fall, it will take a lot of time for players to climb up to the overworld region.

"Really annoying": Genshin Impact leaker explains why The Chasm won't be exciting in 2.6 update
The Chasm displayed upside down

Previously, Genshin Impact leaks had revealed the depth of the underground mines of The Chasm. This region might contain some rare artifacts and character ascension materials, however, the Ruin Serpent Boss revealed in the special program is likely to be found here, therefore, players need to be alert while exploring the region.

The claim made by BLANK has received mixed responses as some players believe that there will be a wind current mechanic so that players can climb up easily. Others are of the opinion that Teleport Waypoints might be buffed in the new region. However, nothing is confirmed as of now.

"Really annoying": Genshin Impact leaker explains why The Chasm won't be exciting in 2.6 update
Ruin Serpent

Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks regarding Chasm have provided a lot of details regarding the new region. Players will apparently engage in a World Quest or Chasm exclusive event once the new update rolls out in the second week of March 2022.

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