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Red Bull Racing’s Team Principal Christian Horner names Max Verstappen as the best F1 driver

Horner justifies Max Verstappen 'top position' by referring to Sakhir Grand Prix

Max Verstappen and Christian Horner

Many often keep quiet when asked about who is better Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton? But surely Red Bull Racing’s Team Principal Christian Horner is not one among them. When asked the same question, Horner did not keep himself muted and suggested Max Verstappen as the best F1 Driver on the current grid. Obviously, Horner did not just name out Verstappen. But even justified his claims with an argument. 

According to Horner, George Russell’s Sakhir Grand Prix race struck him with the realization that Lewis Hamilton was not on par with Max Verstappen’s speed. Horner further exclaimed that Hamilton had one of the best cars under his command. Whereas Verstappen had to drive a below power car to reach a commendable position. 

Christian Horner on Max Verstappen 

Speaking to RacingNews365, Horner felt that the F1 community should not be blindfolded by the stupendous records set by Lewis. However, the fact that he drives such a powerful car irked the rival team’s principal. 

I think he is the best, yes,” the 47-year-old said. “Russell’s performance at Mercedes confirmed that for me. 

“Max and Lewis stand out for me, but while we absolutely should not be blind to all that Hamilton has achieved, he does have access to a good package while Max has to get more and more out of his car.” 

Max’s growth was evident from the moment he stepped into F1 with Toro Rosso. And eventually, he found his way up to Red Bull and has been churning every single bit of performance from the car. 

You can see that by the fact that a driver from Williams qualified directly on the front row of the grid and almost won the race,” he added. 

If someone had to get into Max’s car, if he had coronavirus, they would never reach his level of performance.” 

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  1. Ok , Christian, let’s argue theoretically. ADRIAN NEWEY IS YOUR DESIGNER. It is said that he is the best chassis man on the grid. The Renault engine that RedBull won 4 WDC was not the gruntiest in the paddock, if memory serves. So….why isn’t RB winning championships?

    Why can’t Verstappen develop the car? He’s been there since 2016, no? That’s 5 years more or less. Why can’t he win championships with RB? Didn’t take Sebastian 5 years at RB to win his first championship.

    His racecraft is not as good over a season, can’t you see that? Too many accidents, he lacks consistency when running mid pack, and he’s not the wet weather meister that you would have us believe.

    You folks not short on money. OK. Put that where your mouth is. Set it up so that Perez gets the Mercedes seat (Russell didn’t impress me to be honest, a man with such talent should know how to avoid shrapnel on the track. How many punctures has HAM had? Funny). Put Hamilton in his seat over one season. In one year you will have another WDC and WCC. And I am betting the Drivers Champion won’t be Verstappen.


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