Release Date Of Free Fire OB29 Update Revealed

Garena frequently introduces major updates to the game with bug fixes and character introduction. Here in this article we will take a look at release date of Free Fire OB29 update.

Free Fire OB29 Update
Free Fire OB29 Update

Free Fire OB29 update is right around the corner and will be soon release to the game as it’s advance server has already concluded. Here in this we will take a look at release date of the latest OB29 update and the upcoming new features, guns, pets and characters.

Free Fire launches periodic updates in which a series of events are released every week. Those events and updates will bring enthralling content which keeps players hooked to the game. Each update will bring a ton of new features and a character, few character modifications, pets, game modes, cosmetics, weapons and other additions to the game.

Relaease Date Of Free Fire OB29 Update

Free Fire OB29 Update
Free Fire OB29 Update Release Date

According to the notification sent by the game, the new OB29 Update is scheduled to be released on August 4th, 2021. Since it is the official notification, the patch or the update will not be delayed or postponed. Moreover, all the speculated release dates suggest 4th august and 5th august.

Today, the game has cleared the doubt amongst the players by releasing the notification. Similar to previous patch updates, Free Fire servers will be taken down due to maintenance for a few hours and during this time, the new patch will be uploaded to the servers.

However, players cannot access the game during the maintenance break, and if they do, they will be shown an error message stating, “the server will be ready soon.”

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Free Fire OB29 Update Leaked Rewards

Free Fire OB29 Update Release Date Revealed

A new pet called ‘Ninja Tiger‘ is arriving in the next Free Fire update. Its ability provides a buff to the playable character and deals additional damage to the moving enemies. According to various Free Fire content creators, Ninja Tiger’s ability contradicts the famous D-Bee character, which increases the movement speed when firing while moving.

Other main features include:

  • Weapon balancing: XM8, UZI, SPAS12, Vector, and M1887.
  • Character balancing: Jota, Luqueta, Shani, and Alvaro.
  • New Weapon: AC80
  • New Mode: Lone Wolf
  • New Grenade range
  • Numerous Clash Squad enhancements

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