“I think this might be her last year,” former tennis player on Serena Williams’ retirement

Former Australian tennis player believes Serena Williams might retire at the end of the current season.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

Serena Williams is arguably one of the greatest tennis players of all time. The American great has won 23 Grandslam singles titles in her career, and his chasing an elusive 24th major, which draws her level with Margaret Court’s record.

Serena Williams turns 40 this year, and several questions are being made as regards to her fitness. She last played at the Australian Open 2021, where she lost in the semifinals to Naomi Osaka. The American is expected to make her comeback at the Italian Open this month.

Rennae Stubbs, former Australian tennis player believes that this year might be Serena’s last one on tour. She expects the 39-year old to hang up her racquet after the conclusion of the current season.

Rennae Stubbs believes Serena Williams nearing retirement

Rennae Stubbs believes that Serena Williams will retire at the end of this season, and focus on the second chapter of her life. The Australian believes that a major reason for Serena’s retirement will be her daughter, Olympia who turns four this year.

I think this might be her last year. I just don’t see her playing a lot more, and one of the reasons is that she has Olympia. I think she is ready to get on with the rest of her life,” Stubbs opined.

If Serena does retire at the end of this season, she does have three more opportunities to claim her 24th Grandslam title. She last won a Grandslam title way back in 2017 at the Australian Open. The American will hope to claim level Margaret Court’s record, before she announces her retirement.

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