Renovation plan of Real Madrid and Barcelona put on hold


Both Spanish football club were working on the renovation project for their venues and the construction is underway at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and Barcelona close to start work at camp nou. For both the clubs corona virus has affected more on renovation plan rather than on their games or players salary.

The club said “The arrival of corona virus crisis forced it to put on hold until the pandemic has passed and the world returns to normal . Without the calendar for the year end of the crisis, it is impossible to know or predict up to what point it will affect the construction process.”

The construction work was scheduled for off season which can be full filled with reschedule games. This has affected the revenue of the club due to which they were forced to cut the salaries of players as the clubs have lost income from tickets.

The work on smaller venues and urban redevelopment has already started before pandemic. This renovation include a new roof covering all seating section and the capacity will increase from 99,000 to 105,000. The estimate cost was around 500 million euros.

Work was on halt since 15 days but construction resumes this week when government loosened some measure of lockdown and will allow non-essential activities to resume.


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