Regent of Mukomuko requests Indonesian ministry to ban PUBG Mobile and Free Fire

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, two behemoths of the battle-royale games might get banned in Indonesia as per latest reports. Read the article to know more.

Regent of Mukomuko requests Indonesian ministry to ban PUBG Mobile and Free Fire
PUBG Mobile Indonesia
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PUBG Mobile has once again become a target in the eyes of the government, this time in Indonesia. According to news reports, a petition has been submitted to the Ministry of Information and Technology in Indonesia which requests to ban PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Mobile Legends and other online games.

Despite of both games taking a lead in battle-royale games and giving a tough time for the players to choose between the two highly popular games, both these games are extremely addictive and might be harmful for the teenagers who are the primary players of these games.

Petition filed to the IT Ministry of Indonesia to ban PUBG Mobile and other online games

Regent of Mukomuko requests Indonesian ministry to ban PUBG Mobile and Free Fire
PUBG Mobile

The Regent of Mukomuko belonging to the Bengluku Province has asked the Minister of Information and Technology to block the operation of various online games like PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire and Mobile Legends in the district of Mukomuko.

The Regent believes that these addictive online video games are having a profound negative impact towards the health of children. The game also instigates violence so these can have a bad effect on the mental health of the teenagers who are the prime consumers of this game.

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These online games hinder the growth of creativity and imagination in children and have a toll in the physical health of the children as well. Bustari Maller, Head of Communication and Information, Mukomuko has explained that these addictive games should be blocked immediately and the central government should take this concern seriously and ban the games as early as possible.

Bustari Maller has said in a statement,

"The Regent has submitted a petition to ask the MCIT through the Directorate General of Information of the Ministry of Communications and Information block 'online game' in the district of Mukomuko"

He also explained further that the Regent Swoop has taken this drastic measure because the local government was receiving many complaints regarding the negative impact of these games towards the school going children. Games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Mobile Legends, Higgs Domino games are taking a heavy toll on the children’s education.

Regarding the health of children he said,

"Children who are addicted to online games will experience visual problems, obesity to "Quervain syndrome". 

If the Indonesian Ministry considers banning the game, then it will join the list of other countries that banned PUBG Mobile including India and other countries such as Nepal, Jordan, China, Afghanistan, and Iran.

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