How Long Will It Take To Finish Resident Evil Village?

The 8th editon of the Resident Evil franchise is the one of the longest game to finish in the franchise. Here we will discuss how much time will it take to finish the whole game with all the extra missions.

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The Eighth installment of Resident Evil franchise Resident Evil Village is the best game by the title so far. The game has cemented itself as one of the best launches for publisher Capcom. It is not only the best but also one of the longest games in the resident evil franchise.

On an average a player has to spend upto 11 hours to complete only the main storyline itself. Here in this article we will discuss how much time will it take to finish the Resident Evil 8 along with all the side missions and every other extras in the game.

How Much Time Will It Take You To Finish Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil village

Based on the numbers available from players who wish to play out all the extras, along with the main storyline, can expect to complete Resident Evil Village in 22-23 hours. For hardcore players, who wish to explore each and every aspect of the game, the average runtime can take as long as 36 hours.

However, players who wish to speedrun the game by simply completing the main objectives can do so within a period of three hours. Resident Evil Village is the fourth-longest game from the list of all eight Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 6 (22 hours), Resident Evil 4 (16 hours), and Resident Evil 5 (12 hours) are longer in runtime than the latest iteration of the long-running series.

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In order to get through all of these 11 stages, players will require around 10-11 hours of playtime. However, this 10-11 hour time period does not include the amount of time that players spend at TheDuke’s Shop buying the weapons. The eleven stages of Resident Evil Village include:

  • Attack on the Winters family
  • Arrival at the village
  • Dimitrescu’s Castle
  • Rosemary’s remains
  • House Beneviento
  • Moraeu’s Reservoir
  • Heisenberg’s Factory
  • Ethan Learns the Truth
  • Chris Redfield’s Attack
  • Ethan’s Last Stand
  • Epilogue

Although players can choose to speedrun the game to learn more about the events and occurrences in Resident Evil Village, gamers are advised to take the necessary amount of time to witness the effort put in by the developers. The game itself has made the records in the sales and is the best graphics-oritented and horror games.

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