Restructuring of Annual National Championship announced by Hockey India


Restructuring The Annual National Championship of Hockey 2021 is announced by Hockey India in the bid to maximize the participation of athletes and for the development of hockey in States, Union Territories, Institutional units and Academy members.

And the restructuring of Championship are as follows:-
1) State member unit has been registered for the national championship for categories Sub-junior, Junior and Senior National Championship for both men and women.
2) Public sector unit/Departmental unit hockey India registered for the categories of Junior and Senior national championship for both men and women.
3) For Academy member units hockey India registered for categories of Sub-junior and Junior national championship for both men and women.

These changes were mandatory, In order to ensure that more athletes get chance to participate in India’s top domestic event. However, it has been decided that an athlete will only be eligible to represent his/her team in only one event and under one category only.

It is mandatory for each state member to conduct state-level championship in each category and to participate in The Hockey India championship. The policy will remain the same and Championship will be conducted as per the latest strict FIH rules of hockey.

Classification format and eligibility ranking will be taken from the last national championships final’s result which is conducted prior to 31 December 2020.


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