Revealed! List of Rare bundles in Free Fire that appear occasionally

Here is a list of Rare bundle in Free Fire that had been seen several times in the game but are still rare!! Check out those rare bundles.

free fire rare bundles

Garena Free Fire is home to a ton of cosmetics that are available in various in-game means for players to grab. Bundles and weapons skins are most attractive and players want to get them. But there are some exclusive rare bundles that made a comeback to the game and still they are rare.

Free is known for it unique features and gameplay modes that the game features. It has gained massive popularity on the Mobile gaming platform over the past two years globally. Coming to the topic, as per GW Manish, there are some rare bundles that came back to the game and are still rare. As it does sound different, the bundles are still rare event though they made appearance in the game multiple times. let us look at those rare bundles.

It is no surprise that these rare bundles might comeback again once in a while. We can expect to see the following listed bundles that are rare again in Free Fire.

List of Rare bundles in Free Fire that appear Occasionally

6. Break dancer Bundle

rare bundles in free fire

This is one of the plyer’s favourite bundles – Breakdancer Bundle, as per GW Manish. The bundle had shown in Gold Royale Lucky spin which was almost available for free. The bundle has made a comeback in the Diwali Wish Event back in November 2020.

5. Iron Bundle Blade

free fire rare bundles
iron blade event

This rare bundle has shown its appearance in the first Mystery shop of Free Fire. However, the bundle alongside the Elusive Soul bundle had been available in Mystery Shop 2.0 event in Free Fire. Surprisingly, the Iron Blade Bundle also came in the Diwali Wish event similar to the breakdancer bundle.

4. Soccer Royale Bundle

free fire rare bundles
Soccer royale lucky spin

This Soccer Royale is not a bundle actually but it is an event. The event had featured several bundles in which ‘Pampas Eagle’ is a Male top jersey which is so rare. Even though it had made several appearances in the game, the jersey is so rare and could only be seen owned by limited players.

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3. Zombie Samurai

free fire rare bundles
Zombie samurai bundle

Zombie Samurai Bundle is not only rare but also looks terrific. This bundle had been brought back several times and was seen featured in costly events. It has to be noted that this bundle had made a comeback in Diwali Wish event too. Although, it had been seen in several events the bundle is so rare.

2. Purple Shade Bundle

rare bundles
Purple shade bundle

Purple Shade Bundle is a rare bundle that had made several appearances. Obviously, the head posture and the outfit is so rare. The bundle was first seen in Mystery shop 5.0 and in the Diwali wish event too. This bundle might be seen once again in the game.

1. Arctic Blue Bundle

This bundle had shown multiple times in Free Fire but is still rare and you can expect to see this bundle again in the game. This bundle was made available in the Plinko event in Free Fire as well as Diwali Wish Event.

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