Revised ATP tour rankings will benefit Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal


With the suspension of tennis tournaments since March due the COVID-19 outbreak, the rankings of the ATP tour were frozen.

Swiss maestro in order to undergo double knee surgery and recover from that was all mentally prepared to leave the top-five rankings. But as the suspension extended, the rankings remained frozen and he remained safe inside the top five rankings.

And now with the resumption of tennis, Federer is still on a safe side as ATP won’t be following its ranking system, and with that amendment once again Federer is on a winning edge.

According to the new system, ATP will be covering a period of 22 months that will be from March 2019 from December 2020 and the best 18 tournaments will be held.

“In anticipation of a return to competition in August, the Rankings, which traditionally operate on a “Best 18″ results basis over 52 weeks, will now cover a period of 22 months (March 2019 to December 2020). The Rankings have been frozen since 16 March 2020, just days after the ATP tour was suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic.” As stated by the ATP.

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The 52 week ranking system will resume only if the tournaments start happening in 2021.

“A player cannot count the same tour level tournament twice in his “Best 18″ breakdown. For example, a player who played the Mutua Madrid Open in 2019 and plays Madrid again in 2020, will count the better of those two results.”

As for Federer the good news is he still remain in the top 8 rankings and comfortably qualify for the year end championships.

Coming on the rest of the BIG 3, with the revised ranking, our World No.2 can defend his 2000 points without even playing at US and French Open, whereas, for World No.1, he can retain his points from Madrid and Paris.

As the revised system is benefiting most of the players for some of the top 20 players who were trying to qualify ATP finals in London with the renewed system it will be difficult for them to earn a spot in the year-end Championships.

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