Garena comes with new Revival Points in Free Fire to revive dead teammates, Here is all you need to know

The New Revival Mechanism is going to be available on all the maps and available in Battle Royale -Casual. This change will take place after the OB27 update releases.

Revival Points in Free Fire

Revival Points in Free Fire: The advanced Free Fire OB27 server is going to be rolled out this evening and players are excited about new features, balances, changes and, updates in the game. We will also have a new feature that allows us to bring our dead teammates back into life, in addition to a new pet, new character, Weapon, ability and other changes with the new update. This feature was presented in many other royal battle titles including COD: Warzone and Apex Legends. Free Fire is a very successful royal mobile game fighting with millions of active players around the world. Garena will continue to update the game as the developer. This is why, every time, Free Fire improves and improves. And it is also very helpful to know the features in the game.

Revival Mechanism is used for bringing back your dead teammates back into the battlefield again. In the previous Free Fire OB26 patch update, this mechanism is introduced and it was very successful. It received good feedback. But in the previous patch update this feature is only limited for Classic Mode and not for Battle Royale mode. This time they are making it available for all the maps in the game.

Here, we’ll clarify how and how you can use this revival function.

Free Fire OB27 New Revival Mechanism

If your teammate is dead, here is how you can bring him back.

Method 1 – Revival Points in Free Fire

Revival points must be found on the map. These areas are characterised on the map by a heart. You can revive your dead teammate by standing in this field.

Revival Points in Free Fire
You can find areas like this by which you can revive your teammates(image-YT-The HyperNOVA Gaming)

After only a few minutes, these areas will show up on the map and you will find a lot of them on the map.

Revival Points in Free Fire
Stand or stay inside this area for 15 seconds(image-YT-The HyperNOVA Gaming)
WhatsApp Image 2021 04 14 at 4.44.44 PM - FirstSportz
It turns blue after a use and you cannot use it for a minute(image-YT-The HyperNOVA Gaming)

In order to revive your partner, one has to stay in the field for 15 seconds. This will change into blue and will not be able to be used for 1 minute.

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Method 2

You need to use the item called RevivalCard to revive your teammate. For each Revival card, you can revive one team member.

Vending Machine Revival Free Fire
Buy a Revive Card from the vending Machine(Image-Raxomaniac (YT))

This item is available for 10 tokens on the vending machine, a feature introduced by Garena in the last update.

What’s New:

  • In the previous Casual Mode patch, the officials introduced the Revival Point feature and received very positive feedback.
  • Players are going to have the recovery point on every map.
  • The Revival Mechanism is available in Battle Royale – Casual too.

Where can you find Vending Machine in Free Fire?

  • The location of the Vending Machine is shown now on the map.
  • The harm caused by the play zone won’t disturb them anymore. All the maps will show the vending machine.

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