“I’m giving the nod to him”- Richard Sherman reveals which young AFC quarterback he would pick for next 10 years

Richard Sherman gives his views on who he thinks is the best young quarterback in the league

Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman

The AFC is full of young quarterbacks who have so much potential that they can ultimately turn their team into a possible dynasty with the right people surrounding them as the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, and Lamar Jackson are coming through the ranks to be the face of a new generation of the NFL.

Former Seattle Seahawks and 49ers player Richard Sherman on his podcast talked about the young promising quarterbacks in the AFC who can lead their franchises to glory days ahead in the future.

Richard Sherman was asked about if he was the GM of a franchise then which of these young Quarterbacks would he take for the next 10 years to carry on a franchise and he replied, “I always felt Justin Herbert but with the level that Joe Burrow has been playing and the way he has led this Bengals team to the Super Bowl, I give the nod to him.”

“He is doing a lot with very less as compared to others”- Richard Sherman on Joe Burrow

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Joe Burrow

Richard Sherman on the latest episode of his podcast preferred Joe Burrow over any other young quarterback in the league and said, “He is doing a lot with very less as compared to others.”, He added, “Justin Herbert has weapons which are recognized all around the league as the likes of Keenan Allen, Ekler and Mike Williams who are All-Pro caliber players.”

Richard Sherman further said, “Patrick Mahomes has veterans like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce who are ultimate safety blanket for him.”, He added, “Josh Allen has Davis who had 4 touchdowns in the last game, he also has Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley while Joe Burrow is doing a lot less as they have a very below-average offensive line.”

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Burrow and Chase

Joe Burrow will be hoping to lead the Cincinnati Bengals to their first Super Bowl win in the franchise history as they prepare to face the Los Angeles Rams at the SoFi Stadium to leap the final hurdle to cap off this fantastic season.

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