Ritu Phogat is training herself and passing her time by staying in Singapore


Ritu Phogat, Indian Mixed Martial Arts fighter has made a schedule for herself and following it so that she can maintain her fitness. Right now, Ritu is very far from her home country and staying in Singapore, She is doing yoga to maintain her mental strength.

Ritu was quoted as saying to ANI, “With the lockdown in progress, going out of my home is not an option. Which is why I’ve created a schedule and I stick to it along with a workout regime at home right from the basic exercises like running on the treadmill, lifting weights to utilizing the ropes and punching bags to get better strength and stamina. I have also been indulging in yoga, since I moved my base to Singapore to better my mental toughness.”

She trains herself around 3 hours a day. Apart from training, she passes her time by reading books, watching movies and sports documentaries. Ritu has won a gold medal for India in 2016 Commonwealth Games. She has registered her second One Championship win in February.

“Whatever time I have after training, I spend it reading and watching movies. Currently, I’m hooked to ‘The Secret.’ Normally I don’t get much time for myself but this lockdown has given me ample amounts of that. Apart from reading, I’ve also been watching a lot of movies, and sports documentaries like ‘The Champions.’ This is probably the first time in my life that I am watching so many movies,” she said.

All the sportsmen are staying at home and working out from their home. This is happening because of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.


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